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BHR Training Coordination of Training Procedure

Training Scheduling

City bureaus and offices that wish to schedule training events offered to City employees should contact BHR Training to discuss listing the training in the CityLearner Learning Management System (LMS) as far in advance of the training as possible.  This will establish completed training on employee training history transcripts and allow for consistent tracking of training events.  Currently, only BHR Training staff have access to the LMS for administrative purposes.  The bureau is responsible to arrange training dates and times, training room locations, trainers, marketing information anticipated audience size, and training materials, and communicate the information to BHR Training.

Training Marketing

BHR Training will market the training internally to City employees through email, if desired.  The bureau is responsible to provide marketing information and discuss a marketing plan with BHR Training.  Employees with access to CityLearner will also be able to view the training in their CityLearner account.  In some cases, a bureau may prefer not to market or advertise training intended for a specific audience that does not have access to the CityLearner portal.

Booking Training

  1. Employees
    a.  If the training event is included in the CityLearner LMS, City employees with access to CityLearner are expected to self-register to ensure sign-in sheets are  accurate and training is tracked.  On occasion, an employee may need technical support in order to enroll in a class.  BHR Training provides user support in these cases.
    b.  Some City employees do not have access to self-register through CityLearner.  BHR Training will assist the bureau in entering employees into the system.

2. Interns and Volunteers: 
Unpaid interns and volunteers cannot register in CityLearner.  The bureau should discuss registration and training tracking for unpaid interns and volunteers with BHR Training staff.

3. Non-City Attendees.: 
Non-City attendees cannot register in CityLearner.  The bureau should discuss registration and training tracking for non-City attendees with BHR Training staff.


Bureaus are generally responsible to provide necessary equipment for training.  Some City training rooms are equipped with audio-visual equipment.  Bureaus are responsible to test all equipment in advance of the training to ensure it is in working order.  A bureau may request checkout of equipment from BHR Training.  BHR Training will try to accommodate equipment requests but may not be able to do so in all situations.  The bureau is responsible to advise BHR Training in advance of the training date if, for some reason, a computer, projector, flip chart easel, or other equipment needs to be supplied for the training. BHR Training cannot provide screens for projection; these may be requested through Facilities.  Some City training rooms are equipped with audio equipment; use of that equipment is also coordinated through Facilities.


Bureaus are responsible to provide handouts and other materials for all bureau-sponsored trainings.  Bureaus are encouraged to order materials from Printing & Distribution, which is the most cost-effective and efficient source for hardcopy handouts and documents.

Rosters and Confirmation of Participation

  1. BHR Training will provide the bureau with the class sign-in roster generated from the CityLearner system.  Rosters may not be available until the day of the training, but they will be supplied as soon in advance of the training as possible.
  2. Trainers are responsible to return the sign-in roster to BHR Training.  If the trainer does not return the roster, participants will not receive credit for attending the class.  If participants do not initial the roster and complete an Acknowledgement Form (if required), they will not receive credit for the class.

Training Room Logistics

The bureau is responsible to schedule and request set-up for the training room through the City’s Facilities department.  The bureau is also responsible to set up the room and ensure it is left in appropriate condition at the end of the training event.

Training Fees

In most cases, City employees are not charged for training sponsored by the City, with the exception of courses offered through the Citywide Training Program which is administered by BHR Training for all City employees under an intergovernmental agreement with Portland Community College or Portland State University.  Bureaus should discuss training fees in advance with BHR Training staff.  Generally, a course fee must be charged on an equal basis to all attendees (e.g., the fee is the same for all participants).


If you would like to request an accommodation to participate in a City-sponsored training, please email us at or call us at (503)823-6846. TTY users can reach us at (503)823-6868. All accommodation requests should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than 5 business days prior to the event. This allows enough time for us to process your request. 


Direct questions regarding this procedure to BHR Training at 503-823-6846 or 503-823-3526.