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Bloodborne Pathogen Program

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The Exposure Control Line for City of Portland Employees* has changed.  Please take note it is


Only the following exposures need to be reported to the Exposure Control Line: 

  • Contaminated needle sticks

  • Contact with blood or body fluids with blood in them to your non-intact skin

  • Contact with blood or body fluids with blood in them to mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, or mouth

  • Exposure to confirmed cases of bacterial meningitis, active tuberculosis, or other infectious airborne disease. 

In the event of a bloodborne exposure, the exposed employee will: 

  • Provide immediate care to the exposure site

  • Wash wounds and skin with soap and water if available, or appropriate disinfectant

  • Flush mucous membranes with water

  • If blood is in mouth, rinse and spit several times

  • Collect contact  information about the “Source” if known 

NOTE:  Other health issues and concerns such as: request for vaccine records, vaccines, or flu shots; animal bites, shingles, MRSA, inhalation of chemicals, rash, fever, scabies, lice, bedbugs, spider bites, food poisoning, diarrhea and health information in general should be directed to: 

Occupational Health· Infectious Disease

Program Office (Nurse)


*Fire Bureau Staff should follow their EMS memo