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BIBS is the provider of central services for the City of Portland

All-User Restrooms

The City supports having restroom options that benefit everyone.  All-User Restrooms provide a safe, comfortable option for people of all gender identities and expressions including transgender and gender non-conforming people, parents and others providing childcare with children of a different gender, and people who need assistance from a caregiver or attendant. 

On December 17, 2015, City Council passed Resolution #37175. The resolution:

  • Affirmed the City’s commitment to “removing barriers to a safe and inclusive workplace for employees, to creating spaces which are welcoming to all visitors, and to treating all people with respect and dignity”
  • Directed all bureaus to create an inventory of all existing gender-specific restrooms
  • Called for conversion of all gender-specific single-occupant restrooms to “All-User Restrooms” within six months
  • Directed OMF to develop a policy for incorporating All-User Restroom design into all new construction and substantial renovation of City facilities
  • Directed OMF and bureaus to work together to assess the feasibility of providing All-User Restrooms in all City facilities and to develop an implementation plan for Council consideration in a year.

On June 1, 2016, Council adopted Administrative Rule 13.03 on All-User Restrooms. This policy applies to “City-controlled” buildings – those that are both owned and occupied by the City for which we make all facility related decisions. The policy stipulates the following:

  • All new construction to incorporate All-User Restroom design, with a requirement that at least 10 percent of toilet fixtures be included in All-User Restrooms, with at least one available per “Restroom Bank” (defined as the set of bathrooms that meet the requirements for a defined occupancy per the plumbing code).
  • All Single-Occupant Restrooms will be All-User, including direction on the appropriate signage to use going forward. 
  • Signs will represent “what” is behind the door – a toilet, not “who” is using the restroom. They will be labeled “All-User Restrooms.”
  • Conduct a feasibility study for providing All-User Restrooms in all City facilities.

Inventory and Conversion of Restrooms in City-controlled buildings

Bureaus have conducted an inventory and converted their gender-specific, single-occupant restrooms into all-user restrooms, and OMF is conducting a trial of all-user multi-occupant restrooms in the Portland Building.

BIBS Facilities Division converted gender-specific restrooms to multi-occupant all-user restrooms to provide options in the Portland Building for people who want a non-gendered restroom. There is one on each of the first two floors of the Portland Building. Signage explains that they are “All-User Restrooms” and will provide information about the location of gender-specific restrooms. 

For both, we are asking users to provide feedback on the design and their experiences. You can provide comments on your experience or any concerns by filling outhis online survey

All-User Restroom FAQs  

All-User Restrooms
There are currently two all-user multi-occupant restrooms as well as a men’s and a women’s restroom on the first and second floors of the Portland Building. We are asking users to provide feedback on the design for both the all-user and gender-specific restrooms on these floors. You may provide comments on your experience or any concerns by completing this online survey.
Have you used an All-User Restroom on the 1st or 2nd floor of the Portland Building?
Have you used a modified gender-specific restrooms on the 1st or 2nd floor of the Portland Building?
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