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BIBS is the provider of central services for the City of Portland

Form: Activity Risk Assessment

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Risk Assessment Roadmap Toolkit

Risk Assessment Form

1.      What is the specific activity?



2.      Does this activity fit the bureau's mission, goals, objectives?  Yes    No     Describe: 




3.      Identify the risks associated with the activity. What are the potential loss exposures? See

         Risk Identification and Evaluation for assistance. For contractual activities, go to the

         Contract Risk Assessment Form. 


         - What could go wrong?

         - Who could be harmed?

         - Identify each thing that could go wrong and enter each potential loss exposure into the table



Potential Loss Exposure Severity Likelihood Risk Rating


4.      Rate the severity of each potential loss exposure. How bad can it be? What could it cost?

          Enter your decisions into the table above. 

          1. Insignificant

          2. Minor

          3. Moderate

          4. Major

          5. Critical 

5.      What is the likelihood that each of these potential loss exposures will happen?

          Enter your decisions into the table above. 

          1. Rare

          2. Unlikely

          3. Possible

          4. Likely

          5. Almost Certain

6.      Using the grid below, determine the risk rating for each potential loss exposure.

          Enter your decision into the table above.


SEVERITY: Insignificant Minor Moderate Major Critical
Almost Certain M H E E E
Likely M M H E E
Possible L M H E E
Unlikely L L M H E
Rare L L M H H


 Risk Rating:

  • Extreme Risk – Involve senior management immediately, emergency situation, consider not doing the activity.
  • High Risk – Management attention required for business and policy decisions, risk control, insurance types and limits, etc.
  • Moderate Risk – Management should be kept informed of risk control, insurance types and limits, etc.
  • Low Risk – Manage by routine procedures, insurance types and limits could be flexible

7.      Consider and weigh the value of opportunities. What opportunities will be missed if the activity

          is not done? What is the upside and downside of these opportunities?


Rating Value Description (Opportunity)
1 Insignificant Minor budgetary, funding, or resource gain; Little or no gain in public and/or client relations.
2 Minor Low budgetary, funding, or resource gain; Some gain in public and/or client relations.
3 Moderate Moderate budgetary, funding, or resource gain; Adequate public and/or client relations.
4 Major Major budgetary, funding, or resource gain; Good public and/or client relations.
5 Critical Huge budgetary, funding, or resource gain; Excellent public and/or client relations.


8.     Based upon your risk assessment and the risk rating for each potential loss exposure, what tools are available to mitigate or

         manage the risks? Consider these options:


  • Does the bureau have any statutory immunity?  Yes    No
  • Does the statutory immunity apply to the activity?  Yes    No
  • Do you have a legal opinion on the statutory immunity?  Yes    No
  • What are the limitations and/or exclusions of the statutory immunity?


      Risk Control Measures - See Risk Control Methods and Measures for assistance. 

  • Which measures can be used to minimize the potential loss exposures identified in your risk assessment based upon its risk rating and your mission?
  • How can measures be implemented?
  • Who will be responsible for implementation, follow-up, and/or monitoring?
Risk Control Measure How can the measure be implemented? Who will implement, follow-up and monitor?


 Contractual Transfer: Go to the Contract Risk Assessment Form if the activity will be contractually

  transferred to an independent contractor or other non-city entity. 

 City Self-Insurance or Commercial Insurance Coverage for City Activities:


  • Do the city's self-insurance policies or additional commercial insurance cover the activity? (Consider all functions necessary to accomplish the activity.)


      Note: If the coverage applies, document your answers to the following questions for each coverage:

      Are there any special requirements that the bureau must follow to obtain coverage? What are the

      limits of coverage?  Are there any coverage exclusions or limitations that apply? 

  • Workers' Compensation                              Yes   No
  • Property Commercial Insurance Policy         Yes   No
  • Liability Self-Insurance Policy                      Yes   No
  • Employee Dishonesty Policy                        Yes   No
  • Volunteer Injury Coverage                          Yes   No
  • Alcohol Risk Control Policy                           Yes   No
  • Additional Commercial Coverage                 Yes   No


  • If no self-insurance or commercial coverage applies, does bureau management want City Risk Management to explore the option to purchase commercial insurance for the activity?  Yes   No - If yes, contact Steve Morgan at (503) 823-6117.


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