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Industrial Hygiene Program - Policy

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Policy No. RMLP 21

Date: October 8, 2013

Reviewed: August 1, 2016

Prepared by:  Loss Prevention Team




The City of Portland is self-insured for Workers’ Compensation coverage.  The Office of Management and Finance (OMF) Risk Management (City Risk) manages the self-insurance program and fund. The City maintains loss prevention services under Oregon statute and rule.  The City complies with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards related to Industrial Hygiene (IH).

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IH deals with the recognition, evaluation and control of chemical, biological and physical health hazards in the workplace.  The purpose of this policy is to provide IH information to City bureaus and employees.

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Policy Statement 

The City of Portland takes measures to comply with the regulations and statutes that protect employees from health hazards.  This is achieved through:

  • Control or elimination of chemical, biological or physical hazards with engineering or administrative controls.  
  • Substitution of less hazardous equipment or product.
  • Use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). 

              Procurement Services is the administrator for the City’s IH contracts.

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The IH Program applies City-wide. The City’s objectives are to minimize or eliminate employee exposure to health hazards. This policy describes program elements, responsibilities, and how to access program services.

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Authority and Compliance 

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City Risk Loss Prevention

    • Provide loss prevention services.
    • Maintain the City-wide IH Policy and Guidelines.
    • Update IH Policy and Guidelines as needed.
    • Audit Bureau-specific IH Policies and Programs. 

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Procurement Services

    • Manage the IH contracts.
    • Establish a new IH contract every three to five years. 

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    • Identify IH hazards.
    • Comply with OR OSHA standards as they apply to IH.
    • Reduce employee exposure to IH hazards through:
      • Engineering controls;
      • Administrative controls;
      • Substituting a less hazardous chemical or physical agent;
      • Educating employees about the hazards and how employees can protect themselves;
      • PPE.
    • Pay the IH vendor for contracted services provided to the bureau.  
    • Provide required IH training to employees as required by OR OSHA.
    • Maintain IH related records in accordance with OR OSHA requirements.
    • Follow-up on IH recommendations and reduce exposure to identified hazards. 

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Affected Employees

    • Identify and report potential IH hazards.
    • Wear required PPE.
    • Attend IH training as assigned.
    • Apply IH training received to the job.
    • Develop and practice good personal hygiene.
    • Follow established safe work practices for minimizing exposure to IH hazards.

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References and Resources 


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