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Job Analysis Consultation Program Policy


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Policy No. RMLP 30

Date: February 21, 2014

Reviewed: January 26, 2017

Prepared by:  Loss Prevention Team




The City of Portland is self-insured for Workers’ Compensation (WC) coverage. The Office of Management and Finance (OMF) Risk Management (City Risk) manages this program for all City bureaus (City Code 3.15.020 F). Oregon statutes and rules oblige the City to maintain loss prevention services for known hazards in the workplace.

City Risk has the responsibility to:

  • Implement and monitor policies and procedures
  • Provide loss prevention services
  • Provide program framework to ensure implementation, monitoring and compliance of bureau specific programs for these workplace hazards

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The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Provide safety and loss prevention program support to Bureaus
  • Ensure compliance with applicable regulations, statutes, and rules
  • Provide a framework for consultation to prevent future loss or accidents 

Policy Statement  

The City of Portland complies with best practices to reduce known workplace hazards. 


This policy applies to all City employees subject to Oregon WC law. 

Authority and Compliance  

  • Authority is provided under:

    • City Code 3.54.020, OMF Risk Management Division Responsibilities and Authority
    • Division 1, Oregon Administrative Rules, Rules for the Administration of the Oregon Safe Employment Act, Rules for the Administration of Loss Prevention Activities by Insurers/Self-Insured Employers – General Requirements OAR 437-001-1005 through 437-001-1040
    • Division 1, Oregon Administrative Rules, Self-Insured and Group Self-Insured Employer Loss Prevention Program, OAR 437-001-1050 through 437-001-1060
  • This Policy is in compliance with:

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City Risk Loss Prevention (LP) consults with Bureaus for:

  • Worksite modifications
  • Work procedure review
  • Safety evaluations 

City Risk LP works with the WC team to conduct physical task analysis.  

City Risk LP:

  • Coordinate with Bureaus to identify, prioritize, and risk rank workplace hazards
  • Consult with Bureaus to identify process and/or equipment modifications to reduce hazards
  • Job Analysis
    • Provides consultation with Bureaus to reduce WC related injury and illness
    • Provides support to City Risk WC for completion of required physical task descriptions
    • Maintains database of projects completed, injury description, risk ranking, recommended best practices

City Bureaus:

  • Assist in coordination of interviews and site visits
  • Coordinate with City Risk LP to implement reasonable best practices to reduce workplace hazards 

Affected Employees:

  • Join and assist with the process, including interviews and site visits

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