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Safety Committee Program - Policy

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Policy No:  RMLP 24

Date: 03/05/2014

Prepared by:  Loss Prevention Team




The State of Oregon requires employers to establish and maintain safety committees.  The committees serve to promote:

  • Cooperative Employee and Employer involvement to promote safety and health programs
  • Non-adversarial Communication between workers and management
  • Effective strategies and resources to continuously improve workplace safety

One of the City of Portland’s core values is the health and safety of its employees. Employee involvement in safety programs is promoted in all bureaus.  Bureaus assign resources and support to make sure employees can take part in safety committees. Implementing safety committees is one way to help create a safety culture. 

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The purpose of this policy is to give support and direction to make sure that bureaus comply with safety committee rules.  

This policy provides:

  • Strategic approaches to establish, implement and maintain safety committees throughout the City in accordance with Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR)
  • City Risk’s relationship with bureaus as consultants on safety committees and provision of Loss Prevention Efforts

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Policy Statement 

The City of Portland takes measures to comply with the OAR for safety committees. City Risk’s role is to fulfill obligations and duties under the OAR for Self-Insured Employers. 

City Risk provides:

  • Leadership
  • Consultation
  • Consistent application
  • Oversight of rules, regulations, statutes and best practices governing the implementation and operation of workplace safety committees
  • Loss Prevention Efforts

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The Safety Committee Policy applies city-wide. The City’s focus is to reduce workplace hazards to a safe level or eliminate workplace hazards completely. This policy describes:

  • Program elements
  • Responsibilities
  • Access to services

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Authority and Compliance 

 Authority is provided under:

In compliance with:

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City Risk Loss Prevention:

    • Establishes and maintains citywide policy and framework for compliance with OAR 437-001-0765
    • Provides leadership, consultation and Loss Prevention Efforts to  bureaus
    • Identifies and develops tools and resources to assist safety committees in performing their functions
    • Monitors and communicates changes to the statutes, regulations, rules, and requirements

City Bureaus:

    • Establish, train and maintain safety committees in compliance with OAR 437-001-0765
    • Retain all written program documents electronically or in hard copy as required by Oregon OSHA Regulation
    • Ensures that adequate resources and technical expertise are available for OSHA compliance
    • Respond, in writing, to safety committee recommendations to improve safety in a timely manner
    • Annually, provide City Risk with the names and contact information of the committees’ officers
    • Produce Safety Committee activity information and documentation for audits and compliance inspections by regulatory authorities
    • Solicit employees for safety concerns, suggestions and feedback and deliver safety committee minutes to employees as required 


    • Fully participate and cooperate with the bureau’s workplace safety committee
    • Comply with all applicable OSHA regulations, bureau policies, programs and procedures pertaining to safety committees
    • Immediately report any hazards or safety concerns to their supervisors

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