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Attachment E - Communicable Disease Guidelines

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                        Risk Management, Portland, OR

City of Portland Bloodborne Pathogen Program Communicable Disease Guidelines

Exposure Level

Exposure Description

Action Required

Level 1

Contact limited to being in the presence of a person suspected of having a communicable disease.

No special action required unless the person has, or is suspected to have, an airborne disease such as TB or meningitis. Follow airborne exposure guidelines.


Level 2

Contamination of intact skin, clothing, or equipment with blood and/or body fluids.

Follow decontamination procedures, such as hand washing and laundry requirements.


Level 3

Exposure of open skin cuts or breaks, mucous membranes, such as eyes, nose, or mouth, to blood or body fluids. This includes needle stick and human bites.


Follow action outlined in bloodborne exposure guidelines.