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OR-OSHA Compliance and Consultation Program Policy


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Policy No. RMLP 05

Date: 01/08/16

Prepared by:  Loss Prevention Team





The City of Portland is subject to Oregon OSHA (OR-OSHA) regulations.

OR-OSHA will initiate worksite inspections for the following:

  • Imminent danger inspection  – conditions, practice or act that immediately cause death or serious physical harm

  • Fatality, catastrophe or accident inspection – if appropriate, inspection provided

  • Complaint inspection – based on nature and credibility of the allegations

  • Referral inspection – referred by division employee; federal, state or local government representative or the media

  • Programmed inspection – focused enforcement activities on places of employment

  • Follow-up inspection – removal of red warning notice; variance denied; extension of time denied; division decision for previously cited violation; and an employer cited for one or more serious violations

The City is considered one entity.  OR-OSHA violations issued to one work location may be issued as a repeat offense to other work locations.

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The purpose of this policy is to require bureaus to inform City Risk of communication with OR-OSHA.  This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Complaints

  • Accident Investigations

  • Scheduled emphasis inspections

  • Scheduling the use of OR-OSHA consulting services

  • Bureau application for a code variance

  • Notification of a penalty and receipt of a citation

  • Hazard letters

  • Abatement of a violation, including extension requests

  • Failure to abate a violation with further action initiated by OR-OSHA

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Policy Statement 

Bureaus must document and communicate all contact with OR-OSHA to City Risk.


This policy applies to all:

  • City bureaus, divisions and departments where an OR-OSHA inspection may be performed

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Authority and Compliance 

Authority is provided under: 

In compliance with:

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City Risk responsibilities: 

  • Serves as the central contact between the City of Portland and OR-OSHA 

  • Identifies and provides bureau’s specific contact information to OR-OSHA upon the agency’s request

  • Collects, compiles, analyzes and monitors OR-OSHA interaction with City bureaus

  • Develops, analyzes and disseminates reports on Citywide OR-OSHA activity in a timely manner

  • Assist bureaus with OR-OSHA activity upon request or when the activity is deemed to have potential Citywide applicability

  • Assist bureaus with correcting hazards and program deficiencies identified by OR-OSHA compliance inspections and consultations 

Bureau’s responsibilities

  • Notify City Risk Loss Prevention when communication is received from OR-OSHA

  • Send City Risk copies of all OR-OSHA and bureau correspondence by the end of the next business day following the day the correspondence was received

  • Request partnership with City Risk to assist with inspections if desired

  • Provide copies of all written communications from OR-OSHA

  • Provide copies of all written communications provided to OR-OSHA

  • Provide copies of any photo-documentation, drawings, and/or blueprints provided to OR-OSHA

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