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Workstation Self-Adjustment #3 Keyboard and Mouse Positioning

City Risk LogoLoss Prevention

Risk Management, Portland, OR                                                                           05/14/2014


 Computer Keyboard Tray

After adjusting your desk and matching your keyboard height to your relaxed elbow, as outlined in Step #2, position your keyboard as follows:

  • Position the keyboard directly in front of your body.

  • Fine-tune your keyboard height to allow relaxed shoulders and wrists slightly lower than your elbow height.

  • Check wrist position. Wrists should be flat and not bent when your hands are on the keyboard. Wrist rests can help you achieve flat wrist position and help soften hard surfaces.

  • Check the keyboard tilt. If your keyboard tray has a tilt feature, your keyboard should be tilting down away from you, at a negative angle.

  • Mouse  position should be on the same plane as the keyboard. If you use a keyboard  tray, the mouse should also be at that level.

  • Place the mouse so that it is close enough to your body to avoid the need to extend your arm away from your body when using it.

Computer Keyboard Tray