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BIBS is the provider of central services for the City of Portland

Occupational Health Service Catalog




Carolyn Williams, RN - Manager


City Risk

 Occupational Health · Infectious Disease Program

2016 Service Catalog



Description of Service

1. A.    Bloodborne Pathogen Program

Mandated by OSHA and by BHR rule

City Code 3.54.020, OMF Risk   Management Division Responsibilities and Authority

City Administrative Rule 2.03  BHR 2.03 Bloodborne   Pathogen Exposure and the Workplace

In   compliance with:

29   CFR 1910.1030 Bloodborne Pathogens,  29 CFR 1910.1030 Bloodborne Pathogens

OAR   437-002-1030 Additional Oregon Rules for Bloodborne Pathogens,  Additional Oregon Rules for Bloodborne Pathogens

  •   Provide leadership, consultative services and technical   expertise to City bureaus and employees
  •   Annual Review and update of City and  Bureau Exposure Control Plans
  •   Provide individualized mandatory Bloodborne Pathogen   training
  •   Provide Hepatitis B immunizations and document   declinations
  •   Insure immediate evaluation of exposures  (Occupational Exposure Line)
  •   Provide exposure follow-up for six months to a year   through counseling and repeated lab work
  •   Maintain employee exposure medical records for 30 years +   period of employment

1. B.     Occupational     

           Exposure Line



  •   Follows up on calls to the Exposure Line to address the   OSHA requirement of “immediately available” assessment
  •   Assessment of reported bloodborne pathogen exposures per   protocol
  •   Consults physician advisor as needed
  •   Provides counseling, health education and referrals as   needed
  •   Collaborates with the City Attorney if warrant for court   ordered testing of Source patient is necessary

1. C.       Medical  

  Laboratory Services

  •   Evaluates Laboratory Service to insure they meet the   standards set forth in the OARS
  •   Provide medical monitoring post vaccination on specific   staff to insure they acquired antibodies desired
  •   Performs urgent and routine phlebotomy to acquire needed   specimens
  •   Receives lab results, reviews the results and consults   with Physician Consultant
  •   Records results in database and generates written results   to the tested employee
  •   Provides health education and plan of action with the   employee depending on the lab results

2.          Respiratory

      Medical Clearance

Mandated  by OSHA and BON Policy

In   compliance with:

29 CFR 1910.134   Appendix C: OSHA   Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire (Mandatory) and Oregon Board of   Nursing Policy,  “licensed health care   professional” (PLHCP)

  •   Maintains PLHCP status to evaluate Respiratory Health in   collaboration with Physician Consultant
  •   Provides initial and yearly update respiratory clearance   before fit testing is allowed in selected Bureaus
  •   Refers employees as needed to physicians for further   evaluation of respiratory status

3.            Infectious

        Disease Program

  •   Provide leadership, consultative services and technical   expertise to City bureaus and employees
  •   Collaborate with County Public Health on infectious   diseases such as TB, meningitis, norovirus, chicken pox, Ebola, H1N1, SARS,   Hepatitis, whooping cough, and emerging diseases that may affect employees
  •   Provides emergency prophylaxis as specified in Standing   Orders
  •   Acts as the City’s “Designated Officer” a position   required by Federal Law (Ryan White Act)
  •   Stays current in Infectious Disease through participation   in APIC and continuing education

4.         Seasonal Flu          

           Shot Program

  •    In collaboration   with funding Bureaus provide a “free” seasonal flu vaccine program to   decrease employee illness and absenteeism.
  •   Schedules convenient clinic sites, accommodating 24 hour   shifts
  •   Recruits, trains, supervises volunteer nurses to   administer flu vaccine
  •   Provides multimedia materials to educate employees on   illness prevention and treatment

5.               Vaccine


  •   Provides recommended vaccinations for specific staff,   depending on assignment and/or exposure  including Hepatitis A and tetanus/pertussis   (whooping cough)
  •   Provides immunization record management
  •   Maintains vaccine cold chain through monitoring storage,   transportation and usage
  •   Tracks vaccines pending and proactively maintains   administration guidelines

6.        Occupational

       Health Monitoring

  •   Performs annual TB Risk Assessment to determine level of   TB screening needed to be done
  •   Monitors activities that may indicate a need for Lead   Surveillance (Firing Ranges, lead paint on work surfaces, cutting into pipes))
  •   Monitors Injury Logs for possible exposures that need   follow up (meth lab exposure, carbon monoxide, off gassing of areas where   chemicals were used illegally, aerosolized blood, etc.) 

7.    Risk Management

    Information System

  •   System configuration based on resource and service needs.
  •   Report production, data analysis, charting and trending.

8.       POD-Point of

   Dispensing Program


  •   Provides leadership to the City’s  POD Program as the designated Coordinator   (Lead) of the program
  •   Provides education and support to Bureau POD staff
  •   Is Liaison to Multnomah County  Public Health for City of Portland “closed”   PODs that would dispense ‘medical countermeasures’ to City employees AND   their families.
  •   Exercises components of the POD plan on an ongoing basis