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Community invited to discuss African American Historic Sites Documentation Project

The collaborative project will create an easier path to historic designation for significant African American resources in Portland.

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, with support from the nonprofit Architectural Heritage Center, continues the year-long effort to document historic resources associated with Portland’s African American experience. The endeavor’s final product will be a Multiple Property Documentation (MPD) form, a National Register of Historic Places umbrella document which captures the significance of a thematic grouping of historic resources. The MPD will not designate any property as historic, but will make it easier for owners of African American historic resources to voluntarily nominate their property for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places in the future.

1904 Rutherford House
The 1904 Rutherford House was listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its association with significant civil rights leaders Otto and Verdell Rutherford and for its role as an NAACP meeting space during the 1950s. Photo courtesy Addam Goard. 

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and Architectural Heritage Center are committed to the meaningful involvement of those who own, rent, and care about African American historic resources. A community forum on the project will be held on Saturday, July 15, 2017, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the lower level of Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church located at 3138 N Vancouver Avenue.

Property owners, tenants, and the public are invited and encouraged to attend the July 15 community forum. Attendees are encouraged to bring photographs, stories, and other documentation that may aid in identifying and documenting significant historic resources associated with the African American experience in Portland. The community forum’s venue, Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church, was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2016 for its significant connection to African American Portlanders following the 1948 Vanport flood. An accessible entrance to the church is located on the Fargo Street side of the building. Refreshments will be provided by the Architectural Heritage Center.

1910 Rinehart Building
The 1910 Rinehart Building (also known as the Cleo-Lillian Social Club) was listed in the National Register of Historic Places as one of the few remaining commercial buildings in Albina associated with the social and cultural fabric of the African American community. Photo courtesy Addam Goard.  

If you are unable to attend the community forum on July 15th but have information or questions about the project, you are welcome to contact Architectural Heritage Center project researchers Cathy Galbraith and Kimberly Moreland at (503) 231-7264 (please leave messages with your name and phone number). The project is expected to be completed by early fall 2017.

Local leaders unveil new public trash cans for Portland’s Jade District

At the recent “Make Jade Glitter, Pick up the Litter” event, volunteers cleaned up the Jade District and neighborhood artist Hamilton Rodriguez revealed new work for unique public trash cans provided by the City of Portland.

Many of our neighborhoods are experiencing change — some of which is clearly positive and exciting, and some of which is challenging. The Jade District is literally and figuratively a crossroads for Portland, with 82nd Avenue the artery of our city that connects the east and the west. Like every neighborhood in Portland, one factor that faces the livability of neighborhoods is litter on the streets.

At a recent event, the City of Portland’s Public Trash Can Program celebrated a new pilot project with partners from the Jade District and SOLVE by organizing a litter cleanup activity and a storytelling session by BPS staffer Alfredo Gonzalez on the importance of waste management. After welcoming guests from the Jade District and the Mayor’s office, the new public trash cans were celebrated with a ceremonial toss of its first recyclable soda cans. Jade District Manager, Todd Struble, described the project as "public investments done right, by centering the community and relationships." The cans feature new art inspired by the Jade District Vision Plan and created by Hamilton Rodriguez, a neighborhood artist.

Jade District’s engaged residents and businesses made the pilot project happen

Centered at 82nd Avenue and SE Division, the Jade District is one of the most diverse districts both at a city and state level. The Jade District Vision Plan engaged residents and businesses in the area a few years back, including brainstorming sessions conducted in five different languages. One of the identified outcomes was a recommendation that some specific local businesses would benefit from public place garbage service.

The new cans are functional, and feature a safer design for workers who collect the trash. They also include a tray for returnable deposit cans and bottles that allows members of the public to remove those containers to be able to collect the deposit refund.

More about the City of Portland’s public trash can program

BPS administers the public trash can program that provides trash receptacles and contracts for collection service in downtown and six other business areas of the city. This program was started by the Bureau of Maintenance in 1977, and City Council directed the Solid Waste and Recycling Program to administer the program in 1998. BPS has maintained the collection of approximately 600 public trash cans within the initial program areas and collection is provided by commercial haulers selected through a competitive process.

In 2016, City Council adopted an increase to the solid waste commercial tonnage fee of $1.30 per ton for the expansion of the public trash program. The expansion of the program will add public trash cans and collection services to all of the regional, town and neighborhood centers as delineated in Portland’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan). It will take an estimated five years to complete the expansion to cover all 31 Centers.

Timberrr! Include the Food for the win!

TIMBER JOEY of the Portland Timbers needs a whole lot of fuel to pump up the Timbers Army soccer fans for the big games. Sawing through logs after every goal takes a lot of energy!

Though he doesn’t use his chainsaw in the kitchen, Timber Joey plans ahead for big game-day meals to eat heartily and avoid wasting food. He collects food scraps to create nutrient-rich fertilizer that will benefit victory gardens across Portland and keep methane (a potent greenhouse gas) out of the landfill. Everyone living in a single-family home or smallplex (2-4 units) in Portland can add food scraps and yard debris to the green Portland Composts! roll cart for curbside collection.


  1. Set up the play! Find any kitchen container and line it with newspaper, paper bags or approved compostable bags. These optional liners help keep it clean. Sprinkle baking soda in it or rub vinegar on the inside of the lid to avoid odors and fruit flies.

  2. Trap your scraps! Collect food scraps while preparing meals, scraping plates and cleaning out the refrigerator.

  3. Goallll! Empty your kitchen container, including the liner, into your green Portland Composts! roll cart as frequently as you like.

  4. Red card! Besides the five approved brands of compostable liners, leave out plastic products, even if they say “compostable.” These belong in the garbage container.

 Watch our videos at for easy home composting tips.


Timber Joey with compost pails

Cook from scratch? Lots of scraps? Try reusing something larger like an old kitty litter bucket to collect your food scraps.

Fewer scraps? A kitchen bowl or a yogurt container might be right for you.

Show us your favorite container by adding the hashtag #INCLUDETHEFOOD on Twitter > @PortlandBPS  or Facebook/PortlandBPS

We appreciate and extend our thanks to the Portland Timbers and Timber Joey for participating in our INCLUDE THE FOOD campaign, which helps Portland advance our Climate Action Plan goal to reduce carbon emissions 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.

Quick reference guide to curbside garbage, composting and recycling

Use this guide for weekly recycling and composting and every-other-week garbage collection for residents living in a single-family home or smallplex of 2-4 units.

curbside reference guide

Leave these items out:

Garbage: Computers, monitors, TVs, compact fluorescent lights bulbs (CFLs), hazardous waste and chemicals.

Green Portland Composts! roll cart: “Compostable” containers, pet waste, plastic bags, lumber, dirt, ashes and branches larger than 4” thick and 36” long.

Blue Portland Recycles! roll cart: Plastic bags, diapers, propane cylinders, plastic clam shells, coffee cups/lids/pods and plastic containers under 6 oz.

Yellow glass recycling bin: Light bulbs, vases, broken glass, ceramics, lids and drinking glasses. 

Choose the garbage container size that fits your household needs.

Find more resources to help you dispose of items not accepted at the curb.

Garbage bills are changing as of July 1, 2017

BPS works with garbage and recycling companies to analyze and renew rates by July 1 every year.

Calendar representationEvery year the City of Portland sets residential recycling, composting and garbage collection rates based on a thorough evaluation of what it costs to provide these services to residents. Beginning this July, rates will increase slightly for Portland customers due to increased operating costs, including fuel.

Most customers will see an increase of 10 cents on their monthly bill or less than 1 percent for the 35-gallon garbage roll cart collected every other week. This is the first recycling, composting and garbage rate increase in five years, and rates are still lower than they were in 2012.

Find new rates at or call your garbage and recycling company.




تقوم مدينة بورتلاند في كل عام بتحديد أجور اللمّ ونقل النفايات وإعادة تدوير المخلّفات السكنية استناداً على تقييم وتقدير دقيق لتكاليف تقديم هذه الخدمات إلى السكان. ابتداءً من شهر يوليو هذا، سترتفع أجور اللَمّ والنقل بشكل طفيف لعملاء بورتلاند نظراً لارتفاع تكاليف التشغيل، بما في ذلك تكلفة الوقود.

سيرى معظم الزبائن زيادة في فاتورتهم الشهرية بمقدار لا يزيد فقط عن 10 سنتات أو أقل من 1 بالمائة لحاوية نفايات سعة 35 غالون على شكل عربة درّاجة يتم نقلها كل ثاني أسبوع. هذه هي الزيادة الأولى في تكلفة أجور اللَمّ ونقل النفايات وإعادة تدوير المخلّفات والكومبوست في خمس سنوات، ولا تزال هذه الأجور أقل مما كانت عليه في عام 2012.

يمكنكم معرفة أجور النقل الجديدة بالذهاب إلى الموقع الإلكتروني التالي ، أو مكالمة شركة النفايات والتدوير التي تتعاملون معها.


Cada año, la Ciudad de Portland establece tarifas de recolección residencial de basura y reciclaje basadas en una evaluación detallada de lo que cuesta brindar estos servicios a los residentes. A partir del próximo mes de julio, las tarifas tendrán un leve aumento para los consumidores de Portland debido a los costos operativos más elevados, que incluyen el combustible.

La mayoría de los consumidores observará un aumento de apenas 10 centavos en su factura mensual o menos del 1 por ciento para los botes de basura con ruedas de 35 galones que se recolectan cada dos semanas. Este es el primer aumento de tarifa del servicio de recolección de basura, reciclaje y desechos orgánicos que se realiza en cinco años, y aún así, las tarifas siguen siendo inferiores a las tarifas en el año 2012.

Encuentre las nuevas tarifas en o llame a su compañía de recolección de basura y reciclaje.






ທຸກໆ ປີ ທາງເມືອງຈະກຳນົດອັດຕາຄ່າເກັບຂີ້ເຫຍື່ອທົ່ວໄປໃນບ່ອນ ທີ່ພັກອາໄສ ແລະຂີ້ເຫຍື້ອປະເພດທີ່ສາມາດນຳກັບຄືນໄປໃຊ້ໃໝ່ ຫຼືຣີໄຊເຄີລ ໂດຍອີງໃສ່ການປະເມີນຄ່າຢ່າງລະອຽດສຳລັບຄ່າໃຊ້ຈ່າຍ ໃນການໃຫ້ບໍລິການເຫຼົ່ານີ້ແກ່ຜູ້ຢູ່ອາໄສ. ເລີ້ມແຕ່ເດືອນກໍຣະກະດານີ້, ອັດຕາຈະເພີ່ມຂຶ້ນໜ້ອຍໜຶ່ງສຳລັບລູກຄ້າຂອງພອທແລນດ໌ເນື່ອງຈາກ ຄ່າໃຊ້ຈ່າຍໃນການດຳເນີນການສູງຂຶ້ນ ລວມເຖິງຄ່າເຊື້ອເພີງ.

ລູກຄ້າສ່ວນຫຼາຍຈະເຫັນການເພີ່ມຂຶ້ນພຽງແຕ່ 10 ເຊັນຢູ່ໃນໃບເກັບຄ່າປະຈຳເດືອນຂອງເຂົາເຈົ້າ ຫຼື ໜ້ອຍກວ່າ 1 ເປີເຊັນ ສຳລັບຖັງແບບມີລໍ້ຂະໜາດ 35 ແກລລອນທີ່ເກັບຂີ້ເຫຍື້ອອາທິດເວັ້ນອາທິດ. ນີ້ແມ່ນອັດຕາການຂຶ້ນຄ່າເກັບຂີ້ເຫຍື້ອທົ່ວໄປ, ການຣີໄຊເຄີລ, ແລະການນຳໄປເຮັດປຸ໋ຍ ຄັ້ງທຳອິດໃນຮອບຫ້າປີ, ແລະອັດຕາຕ່າງໆ ກໍຍັງຕ່ຳກວ່າອັດຕາເກົ່າໃນປີ 2012.

ເບິ່ງອັດຕາໃໝ່ທີ່ ຫຼື ໂທຣຫາບໍລິສັດເກັບຂີ້ເຫຍື້ອ ແລະຣີໄຊເຄີລຂອງທ່ານ.



În fiecare an, orașul Portland stabilește tarifele pentru colectarea gunoiului menajer și pentru reciclare, pe baza unei evaluări amănunțite a costurilor suportate pentru a oferi aceste servicii rezidenților. Începând cu luna iulie, tarifele pentru clienții din Portland vor crește ușor ca urmare a costurilor mai mari de exploatare, incluzând cheltuielile cu combustibilul.

Celor mai mulți clienți li se va aplica o creștere de doar 10 cenți la factura lunară sau mai puțin de 1% pentru pubela de gunoi de 35 de galoane colectată la fiecare două săptămâni. Acesta este prima majorare a tarifului pentru colectarea gunoiului, reciclare și compostare în cinci ani, și cu toate acestea, tarifele continuă să fie mai scăzute decât erau în 2012.

Aflați noile tarife accesând sau apelându-vă compania care vă oferă servicii de colectare a gunoiului și reciclare.


Ежегодно городское управление Портленда устанавливает расценки на сбор мусора и утилизируемых отходов на основе результатов тщательного анализа стоимости предоставления этих услуг жителям города. Начиная с июля этого года, расценки для потребителей наших услуг в Портленде слегка повысятся в связи с увеличением эксплуатационных затрат, в том числе затрат на топливо.

Сумма, указанная в счетах, ежемесячно выставляемых потребителям, увеличится всего лишь на 10 центов, то есть менее, чем на 1% в расчете на тележку с контейнером для мусора вместимостью 35 галлонов, которая вывозится еженедельно. Это первое за последние пять лет повышение расценок на сбор мусора, утилизируемых отходов и компостирование, причем наши расценки все еще будут ниже, чем в 2012 г.

Новые расценки можно узнать, посетив сайт или позвонив в компанию, осуществляющую сбор мусора и утилизируемых отходов.

Simplified Chinese 

波特兰市政府每年都会基于对居民提供相关服务之成本的全面评估,设定住宅垃圾和回收收集费率。从今年 7 月开始,由于营运成本上涨(包括燃油),波特兰客户的费率稍有上调。

对于每隔一周收集的 35 加仑垃圾推车,客户的每月账单上仅会多出 10 美分的费用,或者上涨幅度不超过 1%。这是五年以来的第一次垃圾、回收以及堆肥费率上调,且现时水平仍比 2012 年的要低。



Sanad kasta Magaalada Portland waxay dejisaa qiimaha qashinka goobaha la degan yahay iyo dib u warshadeynta qashinka “recycling” iyadoo ku salaysan qiimayn buuxda oo la sameeyay oo ah qiimaha ay ku kacayso bixinta adeegyadan la siinayo dadka degaanka nool. Iyada oo bilaabmaysa Luuliyo qiimuhu waxoogaa ayuu kor ugu kici doonaa macaamiisha Portland iyadoo ay ugu wacan tahay kharashyada hawlgalka oo sareeya, sida shidaalka.

Inta badan macaamiishu waxay arki doonaan koror gaaraya 10 cents oo kaliya oo ku yimid biilkooda bil kasta ama wax ka yar boqolkiiba 1 ee caaga la riixo ee qashinka oo 35-gallon ah ee loo soo urruriyo toddobaad dhaaf. Kani waa kororkii u horeeyay ee muddo shan sano ah ku yimaada qiimaha qashinka, dib u warshadeynta qashinka “recycling”, iyo waxyaalaha la bacriminayo ‘composting’, iyada oo uu qiimuhu weli ka yar yahay intii uu ahaa 2012-kii.

Qiimaha cusub ka ogow ama wac shirkadda qashinkaaga iyo dib u warshadeynta.


Щороку адміністрація міста Портленд встановлює тарифи на збирання побутового сміття та відходів для утилізації, керуючись досконалим оцінюванням коштів, необхідних для забезпечення населення цими послугами. З цього липня для клієнтів у Портленді тарифи будуть трохи підвищені у зв'язку з більш високими витратами, включаючи витрати на паливо.

Для більшості клієнтів тарифи підвищяться лише на 10 центів на місяць або менше ніж на 1 відсоток за сміттєвий бак на коліщатках об'ємом 35 галонів, який забирають раз на два тижні. Це перше підвищення тарифів за збір побутового сміття, переробку відходів і компостування за п'ять років, і тарифи все одно нижче, ніж вони були в 2012 році.

З новими тарифами можна ознайомитися на сайті або зателефонувавши в свою компанію зі збору та переробки сміття.


Hằng năm, Thành phố Portland ấm định giá cước cho dịch vụ thu gom rác thải và tái chế khu cư dân dựa trên một cuộc đánh giá toàn diện nhằm xác định mức chi phí của các dịch vụ này. Bắt đầu từ tháng Bảy này, giá cước sẽ tăng nhẹ cho khách hàng ở Portland vì lý do chi phí hoạt động, bao gồm nhiên liệu, cao hơn.

Hầu hết khách hàng sẽ thấy giá tăng chỉ 10 cent trên hóa đơn hàng tháng của họ hoặc ít hơn 1 phần trăm cho thùng rác cỡ 35 gallon được thu thập mỗi hai tuần. Đây là lần tăng giá đầu tiên đối với dịch vụ thu rác thải, tái chế và chế thành phân bón trong năm năm, và các mức giá hiện tại vẫn thấp hơn so với năm 2012.

Tham khảo các mức giá mới trên trang hoặc gọi cho công ty rác và tái chế của quý vị.