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Phase I Studies

The initial planning process with the Community Working Group involved the review of many older planning documents related to West Hayden Island as well as the creation of new technical studies done by consultants and staff.


A Cultural Resources Study of the Proposed Hayden Island Marine Industrial Park (1986)

Cultural resource analysis of West Hayden Island completed in March 1986.

Biological Assessment for Listed and Proposed Threatened and Endangered Wildlife and Plant Species, WHI Port Facilities Development (2000)

Biological Assessment (BA) examined how the Port of Portland's proposed development may affect specific species.

Cost of Congestion to the Economy of the Portland Region (2005)

Study of the cost of congestion in the Portland region funded by Metro, Portland Business Alliance and Port of Portland, November 2005.

Development Impacts on Habitat and Restoration Opportunities on West Hayden Island - Memo & Addendum

Document presented by City Staff at CWG meeting 5-18-10 with addendum produced 5-28

ENTRIX - UPDATED Economic Foundation Study

This is the updated final Economic Foundation Study, from July 2010

ENTRIX - UPDATED Environmental Foundation Study

This is the updated final Environmental Foundation Study, from July 2010

ENTRIX Economic Foundation Study

Consultant's Foundation Study for CWG Workshop

ENTRIX Environmental Foundation Study

Consultant's Environmental Foundation Study for CWG Workshop, includes Eco-system Services and Restoration Modules

ENTRIX Executive Summary for Economic Foundation Study

Extract of Executive Summary from the Economic Foundation Study

ENTRIX Executive Summary for Environmental Foundation Study

Extract of Executive Summary from the Environmental Foundation Study

ENTRIX Integration Summary

Consultant's Summary integrating the Economic, Environmental and Recreation Studies

ENTRIX Recreation Study for West Hayden Island

Consultant's Recreation Foundation Study for CWG Workshop

Environmental Impact Statement, WHI Industrial Park (1987)

Environmental Impact Statement prepared for PGE marine industrial facility and filed with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Government Island Mitigation Opportunities

Memo produced by the Port of Portland to consider opportunities for mitigation on Government Island produced for CWG consideration

Hayden Island Plan (2009)

Neighborhood plan for the eastern half of Hayden Island that promotes improved accessibility, livability and sustainability.

Local and Regional Economic Impacts of the Port of Portland, 2006

Produced by Martin & Associates for the Port of Portland

Market Demand Analysis Report for the Industrial Lands Inventory Assessment (2003)

Assess Portland's demand for industrial land, supply of industrial land and the vacancy and absorption rates of industrial land.

Metro 2040 Growth Concept (1995)

Long-range plan to guide growth and development throughout the Metro region.

Oregon Port Assessment (1986)

Statewide assessment of Oregon's ports by Booz, Allen and Hamilton for the Oregon Department of Economic Development.

Port Footprints for Portland and Columbia River Ports

Summary of some footprints and aerials of port facilities along the lower Columbia River

Portland Vancouver Trade Capacity Analysis (2006)

Study of impact of incresed international and domestic trade on the region's supply of and demand for trade supported infrastructure.

Summary of Projects that Balance Industrial and Natural Needs

This summary presents a few examples of projects/plans that incorporated industrial development and natural resource preservation, as a response to a CWG Question

Washington Port's Forecast (2004)

Washington Public Ports Association Marine Cargo Forecasts and performance assessments of the state's marine port transportation system.

West Hayden Island Development Program (1997)

Illustrates the 1997 program for developing WHI for marine industrial, habitat and recreation uses.

West Hayden Island Fact Sheet

Updated Spring 2010

West Hayden Island Mitigation Regulations for Potential Development

Memorandum produced by EnviroIssues for May 18th CWG Meeting

West Hayden Island Proposed Annexation and Rezoning Assessment Report - November 2008

Oregon Consensus conducted a neutral assessment of issues related to potential development of 800 acres of Port property consisting of most of the west half of Hayden Island. Read more...

WHI Area Plan: Volume 1 -- Area Plan (1999)

Introduction to the planning process, area plan, site background, comprehensive land use plan, zoning and public involvement

WHI Area Plan: Volume 2 -- Natural Resource Element (1999)

Provides natural resource inventories, analyzes conflicting uses, and refines Goal 5 protection plan.

WHI Area Plan: Volume 3 -- Market Study (1999)

Study of need for water dependent industrial land in the City of Portland and the Portland metropolitan area over the next 20 years.

WHI Area Plan: Volume 4 -- Transportation Analysis (1999)

Analysis of highway transportation and access issues associated with development of marine terminal facility on WHI.

WHI Area Plan: Volume 5 -- Plan District (1999)

Defines base zones for the island upon annexation into City and provides overview of public involvement, natural resources, planned development, economic and transportaton analyses.

WHI Area Plan: Volume 6 -- Mitigation Plans (1999)

Assesses and anylizes the proposed development plan against WHI natural resources and presents options for mitigating impacts.

WHI Area Plan: Volume 7 -- Transportation Intergovernmental Agreement (1999)

Contract between City and Port of Portland for traffic engineering services.

WHI Development Program, Technical Report: Aquatic Biology Investigations (1995)

Aquatic biology investigations conducted in the near shore areas to characterize the sediments and benthic invertebrate community inhabiting these areas.

Zoning and Planning Framework for WHI Annexation (2009)

Summary of planning decisions and the legal framework behind the policy decisions.