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Recap of the June 7th N/NE Quadrant SAC Meeting

Meeting overview

At their June 7 meeting, following a presentation discussion and public comment, the N/NE Quadrant Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) endorsed the I-5 Broadway/Weidler Interchange Improvements Draft Facility Plan by majority/minority vote. A minority report will be prepared to capture the views of the 3 SAC members opposed to the plan.

The SAC also received updates on ongoing discussions about adjustments to maximum building heights along NE Broadway, and zoning proposals in Lower Albina. Those topics and more will be covered in a draft of the N/NE Quadrant Plan scheduled to be released during the week of June 18. This draft plan will be the subject of discussion at the next SAC meeting on June 28. An extended public comment period will be provided to take comments on the draft, after which the SAC will be asked to endorse or give direction on the goals, policies and actions proposed in the plan.


For more information, see the June 7 meeting packet.

Recap of the May N/NE Quadrant SAC Meeting

Opportunities for Public Comment Coming in June

At their May 10 meeting, the N/NE Quadrant Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) made significant progress on moving forward both Quadrant Plan proposals and the freeway interchange project. Highlights include:

N/NE Quadrant Plan - Zoning and Building Height Proposals

The SAC expressed support for the majority of proposed changes to zoning and building height regulations. Areas identified for additional discussion included mixed-use and employment opportunity subarea zoning in Lower Albina and height regulations on Broadway adjacent to the Eliot andIrvington neighborhoods. These issues will be discussed in more detail at a Subcommittee meeting on May 23 (meeting packet).

I-5 Interchange - North of Broadway Options

The SAC discussed local street configuration options for the area North of Broadway and voted to recommend “Option 3”, which maintains Vancouver and Williams in their current alignment, removes the Flint overpass, and adds a new east-west freeway over crossing extending from Hancock toDixon. This decision resolves the last significant outstanding element needed to form a complete recommended I-5 Broadway/Weidler Interchange project. The next step will be review of the entire project in a draft I-5 Freeway Facility Plan at the June 7 meeting.

See the May 10 meeting packet to review documents and PowerPoint presentations provided at the meeting.

Upcoming Opportunities for Public Comment

There will be two SAC meetings in June, where the public is invited to attend and comment on the draft plan proposals. The June 7 meeting will be focused primarily on the freeway interchange project and the June 28 meeting will be focused on the draft N/NE Quadrant Plan. Additional information and meeting materials will be posted here closer to the June SAC meeting dates.


Overview of the N/NE Quadrant April SAC Meeting

SAC meeting recap

At the April 12 meeting, the SAC heard presentations and discussed elements of the freeway interchange project and the draft Quadrant Plan.

Discussion on the freeway interchange project focused on options being considered for the area North of Broadway. Five alternative street alignments, and related pros and cons, were discussed for local streets including Flint, Vancouver, Wheeler and a possible new east-west freeway overcrossing at Hancock/Dixon. These options were also discussed on the ground during the SAC walking tour held on April 5th. A recommendation on which option to pursue for the North of Broadway area is expected at the May 10 SAC meeting.

The project team introduced draft Quadrant Plan goals, policies and selected implementation actions and reported on preliminary directions for building height regulations based on feedback from the March Land Use Subcommittee meeting. Due to limited time for discussion, the SAC was asked to review the proposals over the following two weeks and provide comments to the project team via email. A revised draft of the goals, policies and actions will be prepared for the May 10 SAC meeting. A full draft Quadrant Plan is expected to be available in June.

See the April 12 meeting packet to review documents and PowerPoint presentations provided at the meeting.

N/NE Quadrant Project Update

Project Update - April 2012

I-5 Broadway/Weidler Interchange Project

Over the past two months, the project team has been working with the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) and other stakeholders to refine and narrow elements of the freeway improvement project under consideration. At their February meeting, the SAC defined the base project to achieve safety objectives on the mainline freeway as follows:

  • Extend auxiliary lanes and widen shoulders in both directions (within existing right-of-way).
  • Rebuild the overcrossing structures at Broadway, Weidler and Williams with a lid that could be used for open space and/or improved multi-modal transportation facilities, and potentially, redevelopment opportunities.
  • Move the I-5 southbound on-ramp fromWheeler/Winning Way to Weidler.
  • Reverse traffic flow with a center bike/pedestrian lane on Williams between Broadway and Weidler.

At their March meeting, the SAC voted to eliminate the southbound braided ramps from the project; eliminate the eastside multi-use path from the project, but directed staff to look at other on-street bicycle routes to serve the same purpose; and go forward with the Clackamas pedestrian and bicycle overcrossing. At the April 12 meeting (packet), the SAC will discuss several options being considered for the area North of Broadway involving alternative alignments for Flint and Vancouver and a possible new east-west overcrossing at Hancock/Dixon. A decision on the North of Broadway recommendation is expected at the May 10 SAC meeting.

N/NE Quadrant Plan

The project team has begun assembling elements of the draft Quadrant Plan based on direction set by the SAC in the Project Goals and the Proposed Quadrant Concept. In March, a draft plan outline was presented at the SAC meeting and a Land Use Subcommittee was held to obtain feedback on potential changes to height regulations. At the April 12 meeting (packet) the project team will report on the preliminary directions for building height regulations and will introduce draft policies.

Meeting packets for all prior SAC and Subcommittee meetings are available on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee page.

N/NE Quadrant Open House Recap

A recap of what happened at the N/NE Quadrant sponsored Open House on 2/1/12

public meeting

More than 100 Portlanders gathered at Lloyd Center Mall on February 2, 2012, to learn about and comment on concepts for future development of the N/NE Quadrant, which includes Lower Albina and the Lloyd District. Potential improvements to the I-5 freeway in the area were also presented.

At the open house, City of Portland and Oregon Department of Transportation staff were on hand to discuss and gather comments on:

  • The Proposed Quadrant Concept, covering the future direction for land use, street and development character, open space and green systems.

  • Potential safety and operational improvements to the I-5 freeway and local street system in the vicinity of the Broadway/Weidler interchange.  

Comments from participants will help inform upcoming decisions by the project's Stakeholder Advisory Committee as they finalize the quadrant and freeway concept diagrams and begin to draft more detailed plans. A summary of comments received at the open house will be available soon.

Unable to attend the event? 

View the presentation boards that were on display to catch up on the current proposals.

Questions or comments about the N/NE Quadrant Project?

Email the project team at or contact Stephanie Beckman at 503-823-6042.