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Short-Term Rentals

The short-term rental amendments respond to issues raised from the dramatic increase in the number of residences being rented informally on a short-term basis (fewer than 30 days) through Internet sites such as Airbnb and HomeAway. In Portland, Airbnb has the largest concentration of listings: over 1,600 in 2014 (up from 107 in January 2011). The most common listings are from hosts who live on their property and offer a bedroom for rent in their home. This is a new way of providing visitor lodging accommodations and Portland, like many cities, is determining how to regulate these short-term rentals.

The amendments create a new Accessory Short-Term Rental permit that will allow a resident to rent one to two bedrooms in their house, attached house, duplex, manufactured home or accessory dwelling unit to overnight guests. Currently, the Zoning Code requires a conditional use review for all bed and breakfast facilities regardless of their size. The proposed permit process offers smaller scale short-term rentals a less expensive and faster process, while ensuring that the adjacent neighbors are notified of the activity. Three-to-five bedroom short-term rentals will continue to require a conditional use review.

In the summer of 2014, as part of RICAP 6, the Portland City Council approved new regulations for accessory short-term rentals in single family houses and duplexes. These regulations, effective on August 29, 2014, created a new permit that allow a resident to rent up to two bedrooms in their home to overnight guests. While Mayor Hales lauded this as a step in the right direction to support the sharing economy, he also directed his staff to explore options for expanding the program to include multi-dwelling buildings such as apartments and condominiums.

The Mayor’s staff convened a working group that included multi-dwelling housing interests and City staff to discuss issues related to accessory short-term rentals in multi-dwelling buildings. Input from these discussions along with testimony during the City Council hearings on RICAP 6 influenced the recommendations.

The recommendations found in Accessory Short-Term Rentals in Multi-Dwelling Structures—Mayor’s Recommended Draft propose to allow accessory short-term rentals in 1 unit or up to 10% of the total units in multi-dwelling buildings. In multi-dwelling structures short-term rentals that rent one or two bedrooms follow similar rules to those already in effect for single dwellings: the short-term rental must be accessory to household living; basic safety measures must be met; and required notice sent to surrounding residents. 

Accessory Short-Term Rentals in Multi-Dwelling Structures—Mayor’s Recommended Draft, October 20, 2014

Mayor Charlie Hales’ recommended Zoning Code amendments to allow accessory short-term rentals in multi-dwelling structures

Accessory Short Term Rental – Summary of Proposed Regulations

Summarizes the short-term rental regulations from the proposed draft, as amended by staff’s April 8, 2014 memo

Accessory Short-Term Rentals: Adopted Report, August 2014

Adopted code/commentary that allows accessory short-term rentals in single dwelling and duplex units. Implementing ordinance #186736.These amendments were adopted as part of RICAP 6. Effective date: August 29, 2014

Accessory Short-Term Rentals in Multi-Dwelling Structures: Adopted Report, February 2015

This report contains the same code language/commentary as in the Mayor’s Recommended Draft (As Amended). Implementing ordinance #186976 is located in the back. Effective date: February 13, 2015.

Summary of Accessory Short-Term Rental Regulations, adopted July 30, 2014

Summarizes the accessory short-term rental regulations adopted by City Council on July 30, 2014, and effective August 29, 2014

Accessory Short-Term Rentals in Multi-Dwelling Structures: Mayor’s Recommended Draft (As Amended)

City Council approved these regulations allowing accessory short-term rentals in multi-dwelling structures on Jan. 14, 2015.

Summary of the Mayor’s Recommendation for Accessory Short-Term Rental in Multi-Dwelling Structures

This handout summarizes amendments proposed to the accessory short-term rentals regulations that would allow short-term rentals in multi-dwelling structures. Currently the regulations only apply to single-dwellings and duplexes.

Exhibit A: RICAP 6 Accessory Short-Term Rentals, July 2014

This report contains the code language and commentary for proposed accessory short-term rental regulations

April 8th Planning and Sustainability Commission Short-Term Rental Briefing

Slides from staff’s briefing to the Planning and Sustainability Commission on the proposed accessory short-term rental code amendments