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Recommended Early Implementation Package

  • Explore the City's new Zoning Code Recommended changes will help to implement the 2035 Comprehensive Plan

  • See how Portland’s Zoning Map would change Includes changes to Mixed Use/Commercial, Employment, Campus, Residential and Open Space zones

  • Portland’s new program for public engagement The Community Involvement Program will implement Chapter 2 of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan

  • Update to the Transportation System Plan Learn more about the TSP and how we can move people more efficiently as Portland grows

  • Read the Adopted Comprehensive Plan Goals and policies to guide Portland's growth into 2035

The Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) received testimony on each Early Implementation project between October 2015 and July 2016. In September 2016, the PSC transmitted the consolidated Recommended Early Implementation Package for City Council and the public to review. This package includes:

Together these will implement the 2035 Comprehensive Plan, adopted on June 15, 2016.

The Portland City Council invited testimony on the Comprehensive Plan Early Implementation Package until October 17, 2016. City Council held a work session on October 25 and is now preparing a set of potential amendments to the proposal. On November 17, City Council held the last public hearing on the City’s new Comprehensive Plan to accept testimony on the amendments. Additional work sessions will be held before a final vote on the Recommended Early Implementation Package, which is anticipated in December.

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Council Amendments

Testimony on these amendments will be accepted through the end of the public hearing on November 17.

2035 Comprehensive Plan Early Implementation — Zoning Code Amendments

Recommended Draft for review by City Council and the public

2035 Comprehensive Plan Early Implementation — Zoning Map Changes

Recommended Draft for review by City Council and the public

Community Involvement Program — Recommended Draft

Recommended Draft for review by City Council and the public

Transportation System Plan Update, Stage 2

Includes initial steps to implementing the Comprehensive Plan, including updating the TSP maps and classifications, measures, and City Codes

RH Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Proposal

Information on the Miscellaneous Zoning Amendments Project's RH floor area ratio proposal

Task 5 Community Engagement Evaluation

Memo transmitted to the Planning and Sustainability Commission by the Community Involvement Committee on May 12, 2016

Task 5 Implementation Projects

Individual projects that comprise the 2035 Comprehensive Plan Early Implementation Package.

How to Provide Feedback and Stay Informed

Information on how to provide testimony and get answers to questions