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1980 Comprehensive Plan

This plan was effective through 12:59 pm on May 24, 2018. It was last amended in November of 2011. The 2035 Comprehensive Plan replaces these documents as of 1pm on May 24, 2018. The 1980 plan will continue to apply to quasi-judicial land use decisions initiated before the new plan was effective, and is retained here for reference. Please note that the PDF document of the complete Comprehensive Plan Goals and Policies is large and may take several minutes to download to your computer, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

1979 City School Policy

Adopted as part of the 1980 Comprehensive Plan, this policy is referred to under Goal 11 - Public Facilities in the plan (Objective 11.58).

Appendices, Credits, Acknowledgements, Back Cover - November 2011

Amendments to Ordinance No. 150580, Glossary, Bibliography

Comprehensive Plan Housing Policy - 1999

Adopted in January 1999, this policy replaced Goal 4 and all the policies and objectives within that goal. This report shows how these policies and objectives have been and can be linked to actions designed to implement them.

Goal 01 - Metropolitan Coordination - November 2011

The Comprehensive Plan shall be coordinated with federal and state law and support regional goals, objectives and plans adopted by the Columbia Region Association of Governments and its successor, the Metropolitan Service District, more...

Goal 02 - Urban Development - November 2011

Maintain Portland's role as the major regional employment, population and cultural center through public policies that encourage expanded opportunity for housing and jobs, while retaining the character of established residential neighborhoods, more...

Goal 03 - Neighborhoods - November 2011

Preserve and reinforce the stability and diversity of the City's neighborhoods while allowing for increased density in order to attract and retain long-term residents and businesses and insure the City's residential quality and economic vitality.

Goal 04 - Housing - November 2011

Enhance Portland’s vitality as a community at the center of the region’s housing market by providing housing of different types, tenures, density, sizes, costs, and locations that accommodate the needs, preferences, and financial capabilities of, more...

Goal 05 - Economic Development - November 2011

Foster a strong and diverse economy which provides a full range of employment and economic choices for individuals and families in all parts of the city.

Goal 06 - Transportation - November 2011

Develop a balanced, equitable, and efficient transportation system that provides a range of transportation choices; reinforces the livability of neighborhoods; supports a strong and diverse economy; reduces air, noise, and water pollution; more...

Goal 07 - Energy - November 2011

Promote a sustainable energy future by increasing energy efficiency in all sectors of the city by ten percent by the year 2000.

Goal 08 - Environment - November 2011

Maintain and improve the quality of Portland’s air, water and land resources and protect neighborhoods and business centers from detrimental noise pollution.

Goal 09 - Citizen Involvement - November 2011

Improve the method for citizen involvement in the on-going land use decision-making process and provide opportunities for citizen participation in the implementation, review and amendment of the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

Goal 10 - Plan Review and Administration - November 2011

Portland’s Comprehensive Plan will undergo periodic review to assure that it remains an up-to-date and workable framework for land use development. The Plan will be implemented in accordance with State law and the Goals, Policies and, more...

Goal 11 - Public Facilities - November 2011

Provide a timely, orderly and efficient arrangement of public facilities and services that support existing and planned land use patterns and densities.

Goal 12 - Urban Design - November 2011

Enhance Portland as a livable city, attractive in its setting and dynamic in its urban character by preserving its history and building a substantial legacy of quality private developments and public improvements for future generations.