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Volume 3: Appendices

Volume 3: Appendix B: Displacement Risk and Mitigation

BPS analysis of the displacement impacts of PSC’s possible amendments on affected vulnerable communities and potential mitigation strategies.

Volume 3: Appendix F: R2.5 Zone Changes by District

Maps and rationale for selecting areas with concentrations of historically narrow lots to rezone from R5 to R2.5 reflects PSC’s possible amendments.

Volume 3: Appendix C: Use of Floor Area Ratios (FARs) in Single Family Zoning

Description of FAR and analysis of how different cities use FAR in single-dwelling zoning regulations.

Volume 3: All Appendices

Includes Appendices A-G in one document.

Volume 3: Appendix A: Revised Economic Analysis on the Proposed Changes to the Single-Dwelling Zone Development Standards

Memorandum from Johnson Economics LLC describes economic analysis methodology and findings for the Recommended Draft

Volume 3: Appendix D: "Visitability" Best Practices

Notes from visitability focus groups and cities that have implemented visitability regulations.

Volume 3: Appendix E: Catalog of 2015 New Single-Family House Permits in the R2.5 Zone

City staff analyzed the 2015 building permits for new one- and two-unit residential construction in the R2.5 zones.

Volume 3: Appendix G: Portland’s Historically Narrow Lots

Description of the origin of historically narrow lots and a summary of the applicable regulations over time.