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E-News Sidebar > Oregon E-Cycles: New Electronics Ban Goes Into Effect January 1, 2010

As of January 1, 2010 computers, monitors and TV’s will not be accepted for disposal in Oregon. For free recycling locations, visit or call 1-888-5-ECYCLE (1-888-532-9253).

Oregon E-Cycles, Oregon’s free electronics recycling program, will become even more popular when the state’s disposal ban on computers, monitors and televisions goes into effect on January 1, 2010. After that date, Oregonians must recycle these electronics – they will no longer be allowed to be disposed of in the garbage or at disposal sites such as landfills, transfer stations and incinerators.

“After the ban, throwing away these items will be illegal,” says Kathy Kiwala, Oregon E-Cycles Project Lead. “Anyone knowingly violating the ban may face penalties up to $500 per item. With Oregon’s convenient recycling system for electronic waste, it should be easy to keep it out of the trash.”

The purpose of the ban isn’t to make it difficult to clean out your stash of electronics, but to require reuse or recycling instead. Reuse and recycling save energy, conserve resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts. In addition, requiring manufacturers to take responsibility for end-of-life management of their products encourages them to design products with less waste and fewer toxics. Cathode ray tubes found in televisions and computer monitors typically contain about four pounds of lead, while printed circuit boards and batteries in computers contain toxic heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury.

If your garbage or recycling is picked up at the curb:
Don’t place computers, monitors and TVs in your trash, recycling bin or at the curb. These items require special handling and cannot be collected via your regular curbside service.

If you haul your own trash:
Disposal sites cannot accept computers, monitors and TVs for disposal. A recycling depot located at a landfill, transfer station or other site may accept them for recycling. Check with the facility first.

Oregon E-Cycles provides free recycling options
The good news is that the same law that created the ban also created Oregon E-Cycles, a network of collection sites and services that offer free recycling throughout Oregon. Anyone can take up to seven computers, monitors and TVs at a time to participating collection sites and events. Electronics manufacturers finance Oregon E-Cycles and jointly implement the program with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

What’s more, Oregon E-Cycles ensures proper handling and management of the materials collected. All participating recyclers are required by DEQ to follow certain environmentally-sound management practices, including tracking and documenting recycling locations and how the materials were handled until they are reused or processed into commodities such as glass, steel and plastics. This level of due-diligence provides assurance to Oregonians that their discarded electronics are safely reused or recycled and that toxic materials do not harm people or the environment here or abroad.

To find an Oregon E-Cycles location near you, visit or call 1-800-5-ECYCLE (1-800-532-9253).