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Zoning Code Update Packet #139

Contents of Update Packet #139 (effective 06/04/10)

This Code update is the result of The Recreational Fields portion of the Schools and Parks Conditional Use Code Refinement Project, and is effective June 4, 2010.

Code Update Packet: 139

Effective Date: June 4, 2010

Contact: Shawn Wood at 503-823-5468

Amends Chapters: List of Chapters, Table of Contents, 33.100, 33.110, 33.120, 33.130, 33.200’s Content Sheet, 33.279 (new), 33.281, 33.815, 33.900, 33.910

Substantive Changes:

The amendments establish a new 200s chapter (33.279) for Recreational Fields for Organized Sports and consolidate associated thresholds and standards from various parts of Title 33. The regulations for recreational fields are amended to more clearly define and establish thresholds for when conditional use reviews are required and to establish the type of review required based on the level of potential impacts. Additionally the amendments establish development standards for fields and accessory structures, as well as establish when existing fields lose their conditional use status.

Click here to download Zoning Code Update Pages #139. Subsequent updates may have modified some of these pages. The links to chapters in the chart below will provide the current version of the chapter.


Chapter Remove Pages Insert Pages Changed because of:
List of Chapters 1-2 1-2 Amendment to List of Chapters
Table of Contents 1-4 1-4 Amendment to Table of Contents
33.100 1-6 1-6 Amendments to Sections 33.100.100, 200
33.110 All
All Amendments to Sections 33.110.100, 245; Amendment to Table 110-5
33.120 1-12, 15-18, 31-52 1-12, 15-18, 31-52 Amendments to Sections 33.100.120, 275, 277
33.130 7-8 7-8 Typo
200's Contents 1-2 1-2 Amendment to 200’s Content Sheet
33.279 All All New Chapter 33.279
33.281 1-6 1-6 Amendments to Sections 33.281.040, 050, 100
33.815 All All Amendment to Section 33.815.040
33.900 All All Amendment to Section 33.900 List of Terms
33.910 1-2, 5-40
1-2, 5-40 Amendment to Section 33.910.030


The official Title 33, Planning and Zoning (Zoning Code) is the printed copy in the Development Services Center. PDFs available on PortlandOnline are not the official text of Title 33, Planning and Zoning. Although every effort is made to ensure that the two texts are identical, errors or differences may remain. It is the user's responsibility to verify the legal accuracy of all provisions.


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