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A True Pot Head

Cities are growing denser and growing space is hard to find. From window farming in Brooklyn to a proposed mobile garden in Chicago, gardeners have gotten creative. Whether it’s bottles, bathtubs, boots, or bookshelves; in your kitchen, on your roof, or dangling from the fire escape, D.J. Herda’s new book From Container to Kitchen, shows how container gardening can virtually be done almost anywhere in almost anything.

This is Herda’s second book on container gardening—the first one, published in1979, received little recognition (Alas, “People weren’t ready for it,” Herda says.). Now, with advanced technology, adapted plant varieties and a need for low cost food, the time is ripe for potted plantings.

Our seasoned and spunky gardening guru, guides us through the crevices and cracks of container gardening—choosing the right pot, ensuring adequate lighting, soil pH and nutrients. Herda’s book offers ideas, humor, home remedies for pest and disease management and “recipes for success” on growing different fruits and vegetables in each chapter. While Herda’s gusto for container gardening borders obsession (“From morning to night I am surrounded by pots”), it’s contagious and will have you mapping out spare space for a dwarf peach tree. And maybe some tomatoes...and basil…and why not a cabbage or two…?