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Mad Man Meets Meatless Mondays

Don Draper is sticking to steaks and martinis, but Sid Lerner is hip to the new deal. 

Known for his “Charmin” ability to make toilet paper seem irresistible, Lerner has traded his NYC mad men career of fifty years, for some good ol’ fashion healthy livin’ advocacy. Instead of squeezing the toilet paper, Lerner is now asking people to squeeze meat out of their diet every Monday.

Lerner’s non-profit media campaign for Meatless Monday aims to get people to reduce their meat consumption for health reasons—meat is often high in saturated fat which can lead to problems such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease and obesity—and to conserve our planet.  Livestock production has an enormous impact on land, water and climate.  The UN says that animal production accounts for about 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions globally—more than all transportation emissions.

Whether it’s Lerner’s sleek ad tactics or a real feeling of urgency, the notion is catching on. Chefs throughout NYC, school cafeterias and even Paul McCartney has hopped on board the one-day-meat-free train, Lerner tells NPR in a recent segment on Meatless Mondays.

So what’s it gonna be? We can’t deny that Don Draper is a looker, but Sid Lerner’s modern spin is quite convincing…

You be the judge.