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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Blended Beats

Halloween has passed, but that lingering strung-out look remains in the eyes of little children here and there—the aftermath of too much sugar. But some kids this season avoided the “Halloween hangover” all together by trading in their candy for smoothies. Not just any smoothies, purple pedal power berry bicycle blended smoothies. Try saying that ten times fast.

Oh wait, already been done. These Jersey middle schoolers, who’ve starred in past hits such as “I Fell in Love with Broccoli” and “Who Put that Burger on Your Plate?,” highly energized by their all natural sugar substitute, got the juices flowing and added a new hip hop single—“Purple Pedal Power Berry Bicycle Blender”—to their repertoire of chart toppers. Watch out British dairy farmers, Hoboken’s finest are ready to battle any day.

And if you aren’t hip enough to bounce to the beets of the kids on the street, musicians of all genres are simultaneously being inspired to collaborate with carrots, tune tomatoes and rock it with a rutabaga. Veggie music knows no bounds, as these musicians of the Vegetable Orchestra hail from Vienna and play their produce internationally. Their new album, released in the US last week, entitled “Onionoise,” is sure to be a hearty hit. Check out their website for sound samples and watch the video below. Warning: vegetables will be harmed in the instrument making process.