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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Here's the Beef

Until recently, the rule of thumb was that three ounces of meat — around the size of a deck of cards — is an appropriate portion for one meal. A meaty new study, though, deals out a whole new approach to what’s healthy. The Archives of Internal Medicine released data that suggest that any red meat can have serious impacts on the long-term health of an individual. Processed meat (bacon, for example) is particularly dangerous: just one serving a day results in a 21 percent increase in cardiovascular deaths and a 16 percent higher probability of cancer-related mortality. (Even unprocessed red meat is killer, though, with a 16 percent rise in cardiovascular disease and ten percent greater risk of cancer death.) Step Up to the Plate and Portland CAN! have long recommended that Portlanders reduce their meat consumption as part of a healthier, more environmentally-sustainable lifestyle. This new study adds to the evidence: you can live high on the hog, but you might want to lay off the hog.