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Project Overview

The planning process for WHI has been divided into two phases. Phase I covered the initial project research up to the summer of 2010. We are now in Phase II, which involves additional technical studies and the development of a legislative proposal for City Council to consider.

The proposal will include a Concept Plan for open space, natural resource protection and industrial development. The proposal will also include draft zoning codes, maps and a draft annexation agreement. City Council will consider and vote on the proposal in Spring 2012.

Project Timeline




Public Events

Winter 2008 – Summer 2010

Phase I (completed)

Environmental and Economic Foundation Studies / City Council Resolution

Community Working Group Meetings / Open House

Fall 2010 – Fall 2011

Phase II

Concept Plan Development

Open Houses / Office Hours

Fall 2011 – Winter 2012

Phase II

Staff Legislative Proposal for annexation and zoning

Open Houses / Office Hours

Spring 2012

Public Hearings

Planning Commission and City Council deliberation on annexation and zoning

Public Hearings

Phase I: WHI project begins; Mayor convenes Community Working Group (Late 2008 – Summer 2010)

In late 2008 a City-initiated planning effort for West Hayden Island began. This planning process was to build on the planning work currently being done on theColumbia River Crossing (CRC) project and East Hayden Island. Mayor Sam Adams created a Community Working Group (CWG) and directed staff to hire consultants to provide key economic and environmental studies.

These studies were intended to help determine whether West Hayden Island could be developed for multiple uses, including marine industrial, habitat and recreational. The studies were also designed to help determine whether the land could accommodate these uses while retaining its quality of natural resources and provide economic value to the region.

In early 2009, the CWG was tasked with providing City Council with a recommendation based upon the findings of the studies. To help the CWG with evaluation and to develop a recommendation, the City hired ENTRIX to perform additional research and create a set of foundation studies, including:

The CWG produced a report that clearly articulated points of commonality and the most critical differences in members’ perspective or rationales to aid the City Council in deciding how next to proceed. But it could not reach agreement on a recommendation. On July 29, 2010, after considering the CWG’s input and hearing extensive public testimony, City Council passed a resolution directing the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability to continue planning efforts. Resolution 36805 specified that at least 500 acres of West Hayden Island would be protected as open space and no more than 300 acres provided for future deep water marine terminal development.

As part of this resolution, the Council directed staff to produce and coordinate several additional studies [link to Phase II Studies page] to help inform any future planning decision. Council asked staff to analyze the costs and benefits of developing part of the island, consider nature-based recreational opportunities and assess livability impacts, such as traffic, noise, dust and light on neighboring properties.

Phase II: Current Concept Planning and Legislative Process (Fall 2010 – Spring 2012)

With City Council adoption of Resolution 36805, Phase II of the WHI planning process began. Council directed staff to propose a Concept Plan and Legislative Proposal for Zoning and Annexation, which will continue through Spring 2012. During this time, several additional technical reports and studies will be completed, focusing on rail configuration, harbor lands inventory, terminal operational efficiencies, cost/benefit analyses, natural area land management options and local impacts.

During 2011-12, BPS will draft a legislative proposal for the City Council to consider, including:

  • Consideration of annexation

  • Comprehensive Plan designations

  • Zoning and WHI Plan District designations

The WHI Plan District is intended to provide a decision-making framework for future review of specific proposals. If approved by City Council, the WHI Plan District will establish the zoning for the property and allowed uses.

However, the current process does not assume a final decision on any land use planning action with respect to West Hayden Island. The City Council will have the opportunity to make the final decision on the proposal during their hearings in the Spring of 2012. Council may choose to accept or reject the proposal, or direct staff to modify it.

The general timeline for Phase II is described below.

Coordination and Production of Technical Reports (Spring - Fall 2011) - Staff and consultants produce additional technical reports for discussion with City Council and the Port Commission; check-ins with City Council and the Port Commission regarding the outcomes.

Concept Plan Development (Fall 2011 - Spring 2012) - A set of concept plans formalized and a design workshop held with experts, stakeholders and the public to formulate a preferred option; City Council and the Port Commission are briefed on the process and conclusions.

Legislative Proposal (Fall 2011 - Spring 2012) - Staff prepares a draft legislative proposal, which will be available for public comments prior to submitting to the Planning and Sustainability Commission; open houses in the community.

Public Hearings on Proposal (Winter - Spring 2012) - Hearings held with the Planning and Sustainability Commission and City Council; the Port Commission is briefed; Council to decide whether or not to accept the legislative proposal to annex West Hayden Island.

Learn more about the West Hayden Island public involvement efforts.

Environmental Program Update

In addition, staff will be completing an update to their Environmental Program that covers all of Hayden Island as well as the south side of the Columbia River, known as the Oregon Slough, which may lead to proposed revisions to environmental zoning in this area. The program update is needed to inform City decisions regarding potential annexation of West Hayden Island, and to contribute toward City compliance with Metro Titles 3 and 13, the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act. This work will be done in conjunction with the West Hayden Island Planning process.