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About the River Plan


Planning by River Reach
The River Plan will be divided into manageable phases. The North Reach of the Willamette will be the first to receive detailed planning, followed by the Central and South Reaches (view map of reaches). This sequence will allow the River Plan to synchronize with projects and planning efforts that affect specific reaches such as Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup (North Reach), Central City planning (Central Reach), and the acquisition of Ross Island (South Reach). In addition, the phasing will make the project more manageable due to the large numbers of people who are likely to be interested and engaged in the process.

Project staff will engage interested public, property owners and organizations through different public involvement events and activities. Reach planning efforts will culminate with public hearings prior to final City Council actions.

The River Concept Provides Guidance
For more information about the what the River Plan will entail, check out the River Concept, a document that summarizes river-related planning policy and will act as guidance during the development of the River Plan. The River Concept also contains more detailed information about River Plan background and process. The River Concept was endorsed by City Council during the Spring of 2006 as a guide for the River Plan / North Reach. It will be updated as part of the Central and South reach phases of the River Plan.

Staff Contacts

Sallie Edmunds, Project Manager

Steve Kountz, Economic Planner

Roberta Jortner, Senior Environmental Planner

Mindy Brooks, Environmental Planner

Debbie Bischoff, River Planner