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Summary Meeting Notes: June 27, 2012 Networks PEG

June 27, 2012 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Attendees: Carolyn Briggs, Aaron Brown, Ivy Dunlap, Mike Faha, Eric Hesse, Keith Liden, Linda Nettekoven, Gavin Prichard, Lidwien Rahman, Allan Schmidt, Irene Schwoeffermann, Chris Smith, Peter Stark, Jay Sugnet, Pia Welch, Eric Engstrom, Courtney Duke, Jim Owens



Presenter: Jim Owens, Facilitator

Summary: PEG members and staff were asked to introduce themselves.  Jim passed around the PEG roster and asked members to identify any edits to the contact information.  Jim also requested that members provide a short biography for posting on the PEG website by the end of the week.


General Orientation

Presenter: Eric Engstrom, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS)

Summary: Eric described the purpose and charge of the Policy Expert Groups (PEGs), member roles and responsibilities, and the overall Comprehensive Plan Update process schedule.  To manage communications between meetings, Jim requested that PEG members copy him with any background information or other communications that he will then share electronically with the group.

Meeting Handouts and Presentations:


Scope of Work

Presenter: Eric Engstrom, BPS

Summary: Eric walked the PEG through the draft meeting schedule and tentative agenda topics, explaining that the July-October meetings are proposed to be structured around the issues that BPS has identified need to be addressed to respond to the Portland Plan and the City’s Periodic Review work program, as approved by the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD).  In November, the PRG will have the opportunity to respond to Draft Policies prepared by BPS, followed by review of remaining issues identified by BPS at the December-February meetings.  Integration with the work of other PEGS will be the focus of the March-April meetings, with the May 2013 meeting intended for finalization of recommendations.

Jim advised the group that although meetings were being structured to respond to issues identified by staff, additional issues to be addressed can be identified by the PEG or other interested parties.  Some of those issues may be able to be addressed on the spot, others may be responded to between meetings, while some may merit being addressed to the PEG’s work scope.  There are also some issuers that already have well-established policy direction that needs to be reflected in the Comprehensive Plan Update.  These “purple box” issues will likely not have much PEG discussion but will appear in the draft Plan.

Eric explained that equity is a factor that needs to be addressed in all aspects of the PEG’s work.  An Equity Checklist (posted at the meeting) has been developed as a guide for the group’s work.  Courtney distributed a summary of Portland Plan direction on equity that highlights background information and policy and action plan direction related to networks.

Questions and discussion points included:

  • It is important that the focus not be exclusive to the transportation network, but that it include green infrastructure.
  • Parking will be addressed by the Neighborhood Centers PEG.
  • What are the end products -- policy, or plan amendments or implementation actions/projects?
  • How will input from other bureaus be integrated?
  • It was agreed that it would be informative to have “Comprehensive Plan 101” and “TSP 101” presentations at the next meeting.
  • A “map” of the process and structure (who’s working on what) would also be helpful.
  • A presentation on basic demographics, including demographic information on affected populations, was requested for the next meeting as well.
  • Equity needs to address transportation disadvantaged populations, including those disadvantaged because of age and/or income.
  • Background information on 20-minute neighborhoods was requested.
  • It was noted that, as currently structured, the PEG schedule of topics is overly focused on the front end on transportation; more balance among network issues is needed.

Meeting Handouts and Presentations:


Portland Plan Direction and Periodic Review Tasks

Presenter: Courtney Duke,PortlandBureau of Transportation (PBOT)

Summary: Courtney provided a variety of handouts and summarized policy direction from the Portland Plan and the City’s Periodic Review work plan and explained how these were being addressed in the PEG’s draft scope of work. 

Questions and discussion points included:

  • The Freight Plan and Street Design guidelines should be provided as background information on freight mobility.
  • The Networks concept, by definition, means the intersection of freight, bicycles and pedestrians, transit, stormwater and green corridors.
  • Will the PEG be recommending priorities for policy implementation?
  • How will the PEG’s deliberations affect the City’s budget process?
  • What will the PEG’s role be in advising the City to coordinate with other jurisdictions and the State on policies and funding?
  • PEGs will not become involved in deliberations on the Columbia River Crossing project.

Additional topics for consideration identified by PEG members include:

  • Waterway commuter system
  • Off-street commercial parking
  • Freight mobility
  • Burying or capping I-5 on the eastside 
  • High speed rail

Meeting Handouts and Presentations:


Public Comment

  • No public comments.


Wrap Up

Presenter: Jim Owens

Summary: Staff will “doodle poll” regarding an alternative date for the August meeting.  It was agreed to move the meeting start time for the October meeting to 2:00 pm.  An alternative date for the December meeting will be selected at a future time.  A draft meeting summary will be circulated for PEG review before being posted on the web site.

For more information, please contact either Courtney Duke, PBOT at 503-823-7265 or or Jim Owens, Facilitator at 503-278-3452 or