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Summary Meeting Notes: July 11, 2012 Infrastructure Equity PEG

July 11, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. 

Attendees: Afifa Ahmed-Shafi, Susan Aldrich, Roger Anthony, Roger Averbeck, Danielle Brooks, Justin Fallon Dollard, Cynthia Gomez, Karyn Hanson, Celia Heron, Muna Idow, Michelle Kunec, Jeff Leighton, Kathryn Levine, Jackeline Luna Acosta, Karen Meyer, Midge Purcell, Olivia Quiroz, Steph Routh, Michelle Rudd, Joe VanderVeer, Randy Webster, Sara Weiner-Collier

Interpreters: Sonya Cook, Carissa Martos, Argel Jimenez

PEG Lead: Bob Glascock

Facilitator:  Andrée Tremoulet

View the original agenda, including materials, for this meeting.

Welcome and Introductions 

Presenter: Andrée Tremoulet, Facilitator

Summary: Andrée Tremoulet welcomed participants to this first meeting.  PEG members briefly introduced themselves by addressing the following questions:

  • What sparks your interest in topics about infrastructure and equity?
  • What do you bring to the table (or what will you contribute) to assist with the deliberations of this group?


Proposed Meeting Agendas 

Presenter: Bob Glascock and Michelle Kunec, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

Summary: Bob Glascock presented an overview of the proposed agenda topics for the IE PEG.  He said the big product (a new Comprehensive Plan) will have high-level policies and commentary (giving context and explaining policies considered).  All PEGs will review growth scenarios (October agenda) and a discussion draft (December and January agenda). 

PEG members asked that staff:

  • Provide a copy of relevant sections of the existing Comprehensive Plan so that we can better understand the granularity of the policies that will be developed.
  • Explain how existing and new community and corridor plans and the transportation systems plan integrate with the development of the comprehensive plan.  Is there a hierarchy of plans?
  • Discuss what data is used, especially with respect to making investment decisions. Consider addressing this topic sooner than February.

Michelle Kunec described the moving parts of city infrastructure services.  The process includes setting levels of service (goals), making investment decisions and comparing actual service delivery outcomes to desired levels of service. PEG members asked:

  • Where does community involvement and validation fit into the cycle of infrastructure planning and decision-making?  Do bureaus involve the public early enough?
  • What phases of infrastructure planning will the IE PEG discuss?
  • What filters affect the choice of service levels?  What are the cumulative impacts of bureau service levels (such as, for transportation, parks and stormwater)?

Meeting Handouts and Presentations:


PEG Charge 

Presenter: Andrée Tremoulet, Facilitator

Summary: Andrée Tremoulet briefly reviewed the PEG Charter and Protocols and the Proposed Ground Rules for the IE PEG.  Clarification is needed on whether a meeting recording made by the facilitator (as an agent of the city) is part of the public record. As a result of suggestions of PEG members, the following clarifications and changes were made:

  • All members of the IE PEG are present on equal footing.  There is no hierarchy among members.
  • Members may enter the conversation without being recognized by the facilitator.  When they do so, they should turn their name plate on end to indicate that they are speaking.
  • Sometimes it may be difficult to break into a discussion. If a member wishes to speak, that person should turn his or her name plate on end so that the facilitator will step in and recognize her or him.
  • If there is a significant new posting on the website, the facilitator will alert PEG members via e-mail.
  • Meeting rooms are Wi-Fi enabled.  Members are encouraged to bring their notebooks or laptops to the meeting in lieu of bringing paper items.

Meeting Handouts and Presentations:


Public Comment 

No members of the public were present.

Wrap Up

Please send biography edits to Bob Glascock.  The next meeting is August 1, 10 a.m. to noon, in Room 2500 A.

For more information, please contact either Bob Glascock, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, at 503-823-7845 or or Andrée Tremoulet, Facilitator, at 503-267-9255 or