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Agenda: January 30, 2013 Networks PEG meeting

January 30, 2013 from 3 to 5 p.m.
1900 SW 4th Avenue, Portland, Conference Room 7A
Please note the return to the regular meeting time-of-day and meeting location.

Introductions (3:00 p.m.)
Presenter: Jim Owens, Facilitator

Review of Meeting Agenda, January 15 Meeting Summary and Schedule for Upcoming Meetings (3:05 p.m.)
Presenter: Jim Owens
Description: Review of meeting agendas and schedule for upcoming meetings:

  • February 27 - Meeting cancelled.
  • Early March (date TBD) -Trails and review of draft Plan Update document
  • March 27 - Meeting cancelled.
  • Early April (date TBD) - Level of Service Standards and review of draft Plan Update document

Related Materials:

  • January 15 Meeting Summary

Briefing on Visit with Seattle Metro Transit System (3:10 pm)
Presenter: Denver Igarta, PBOT
Description: In response to the request from the PEG at its last meeting, staff will provide a briefing on the results of a recent visit with Seattle Metro Transit System, especially regarding that city’s role in establishing and enforcing standards for high capacity transit.

Infrastructure Equity PEG Discussion of Transportation Goals (3:30 p.m.)
Presenter: Courtney Duke and Patricia Neighbor, PBOT
Description: Summary of Infrastructure Equity PEG’s recent discussion of the draft transportation goals.

Related Materials:

  • Summary notes

Overview of Working Draft Plan (3:35 p.m.)
Presenter: Eric Engstrom, BPS, and Jim Owens
Description: Presentation on Working Draft Part 1, and the proposed approach to Plan review, including:

  • Scope of Working Draft Part 1
  • How BPS intends to use the Integrated Goals (p. I-1)
  • Approach to related policies
  • Integration of Plan policies into TSP

Approach to Working Draft Plan Review/Discussion of Priority Topics (4:00 pm)
Presenter: Jim Owens

Description: Discussion of proposed approach for PEG review of Working Draft, Part 1. A three-tiered approach is proposed

  1. Topics identified by staff as representing the most significant changes to the current Plan
  2. Other topics identified by staff as needing to be addressed
  3. Additional topics identified by the PEG for review. Based upon this approach, potential priority topics for this first Plan review meeting include:
    • Overarching Goals (pp. 7-4 to 7-5)
    • Green and Active Transportation Hierarchy (pp. 7-7 to 7-9)
    • Civic Corridors and Greenways (pp.7-7 and 5-30 to 5-35)
    • Street Design Concept (pp. 7-7 and 5-37)
    • Public Rights-of-Way (p. 6-19 to 6-21)

It is also proposed that PEG discussion focus on:

      • Do proposed policies provide adequate direction for their implementation through code, mapping, projects?
      • What policy direction is missing?
      • What is the group’s level of comfort with proposed policies?

Related Materials:

Public Comment (5:15 p.m.)

Wrap Up (5:25 p.m.)
Presenter: Jim Owens, Facilitator
Description: Summary of actions, schedule and assignments

Adjourn (5:30 p.m.)

For more information, please contact either Courtney Duke, PBOT at 503-823-7265 or or Jim Owens, Facilitator at 503-278-3452 or