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Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Packages Restored with Release of RICAP 6 Proposed Workplan

The Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Packages (RICAP) series of projects is how the City maintains the Zoning Code. The process is similar to taking a car in for a periodic tune-up to ensure best performance. The previous RICAP project (RICAP 5) was completed in 2010, before the program was suspended due to financial constraints. Since then, the backlog of code suggestions in the Regulatory Improvement Request (RIR) database has continued to grow. Items submitted through the RIR database are categorized as technical, minor policy or major policy items. Major policy items are designated standalone projects, such as the recent Historic Resources Code project. Minor and technical items are ranked, prioritized and selected for inclusion in a RICAP based on available staffing resources.

With funding for the 2013-14 fiscal year, the RICAP program has been reinstated with the development of RICAP 6.

The proposed RICAP 6 workplan comprises 42 items relating to Zoning Code regulations. Most of the items cover rules that are applied citywide, and several items have been bundled to address similar concerns. The workplan focuses on issues involving temporary uses and home occupations, bed and breakfasts and short-term rental regulations, radio frequency facilities, fences, and administrative process clarifications. The appendix to this report includes the full list of regulatory improvement suggestions from City staff, citizens and others that was considered for RICAP 6.

Once the workplan is approved, staff will research the items and prepare potential code amendments. These amendments will be brought to the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) for recommendation and, ultimately, to City Council for approval in 2014. Items that are not included in RICAP 6 will be evaluated as part of the next RICAP cycle in fiscal year 2014-15.