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Summary Meeting Notes for CIC Meeting on June 26, 2013

Community Involvement Committee


Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Committee Members present: Lois Cohen, Judith Gonzalez Plascencia, Linda Nettekoven, Stanley Penkin, Howard Shapiro, Alison Stoll

Absent: Paula Amato, Jason Barnstead-Long, Judy BlueHorse Skelton, Liz Gatti, Anyeley Hallova, Shirley Nacoste, Lai-Lani Ovalles, Ryan Schera, Peter Stark

Staff: Debbie Bischoff, Joan Frederiksen, Diane Hale, Barry Manning, Deborah Stein, Marty Stockton

Visitors: None





Howard Shapiro, Chair led the meeting.


MartyStocktonannounced the upcoming PEG meetings and summer events where a Comprehensive Plan Update outreach table is planned, which are listed at the end of this summary.

Marty shared that the Planning and Sustainability Commission was briefed on the Comp Plan Update and What We Heard from the Public Report, link:, the night before on Tuesday, June 25.

CIC decisions and follow up actions

The CIC decided to change back to the morning timeframe for future meetings. The August 28th meeting will now be held from 8:00-10:00a.m.




Debrief on District Mapping Conversations

Joan Frederiksen, West District Liaison with BPS, provided highlights to the CIC on District Liaison led District Mapping Conversations that were held in May and June. She recapped the purpose of the events and the outreach done. The purpose of the events was to provide an early conversation with community stakeholders on key concepts from the Comprehensive Plan Update Urban Design Framework and how they might play out in the districts, educate and get early feedback on these concepts, and gain insight on how to message and program events centered on the maps and related topics.

Joan provided and referred to a handout with a summary of attendance, key points, and participant feedback on the events. Joan also shared that staff will be preparing summaries of these events to be shared with the community and the public online.

CIC members had questions and comments about partnering on outreach with Venture Portland (and business associations) and reaching and involving under-represented communities. Alison Stoll shared that it was hard for participants to attend both meetings. A couple of CIC members present had attended one of the District Mapping Conversations and shared positive and constructive feedback on the logistics and how the events were received by the community. Linda Nettekoven stated that the space needs to be supportive of the event and address the acoustics to improve participation. Judith Gonzalez Plascencia said chosing as example of what a potential outcome is would be helpful.

CIC observations of PEGs


Marty led the CIC observations of the PEGs seeking feedback and a time for discussion on 2013 PEG meetings to date.

Stan Penkin shared feedback on his experience in the Residential Development and Compatibility PEG. He was impressed with the process and thought it was well organized. He initially thought it was to heavy on City staff, but changed his perspective. He would have liked to have seen the venue change and locate to other parts of the city and get the community more engaged. Stan also stated that in regards to the name “Policy Expert Groups” that he felt was off-putting, that the PEGs were fairly technical and members were really experts.

Alison Stoll summarized her experience on the Neighborhood Centers PEG. She sated that the meetings were well organized and the group was very cogenial, but still struggled with what the PEGs were. She noticed that community member attendance declined. She saw the conflict between or strange hybrid of designing the PEG meetings for the community to attend or the PEG members.

Howard Shapiro, in regards to his role on the Community Involvement PEG, questioned his contribution and wondered if there was value added.

Lois Cohen shared her observations of the Education and Youth Success PEG. She was impressed with the range of people making up the PEG and thought that everyone felt they had an opportunity to participate.

In regards to an All-PEG meeting that is proposed for Fall 2013, CIC members felt that is could be an opportunity for PEG members to cross-pollunate with other PEGs. It was recommended that one PEG member give a summary of the following:

  • Where we were and what we learned
  • Conflicts
  • Here is where we ended up at the final meeting.


Stan shared that he thinks the opportunity has passed on the All-PEG meeting and shared the fatique factor may be high.


Summer Outreach Tabling Events 2013

MartyStocktonpresented the overall approach and goals for the summer tabling events. Dates and tabling locations were announced (see dates below). Marty shared that two SummerWorks youth interns would start at BPS in early July through August and would be assisting with both the summer outreach as well as help design and implement youth-focused outreach as well. Lois Cohen recommended contacting theSUNSchoolcoordinator at Cesar Chavez and Faubion schools in North andNortheast Portland.

Marty shared the two final activities for summer tabling. The first item was a postcard that would read, “Greetings from SE/NE/N/W/E Portland. Community members could use these cards to draw an iconic image or word(s) that describes the corresponding part of town. A link to the postcard is here:

The second activity was an interactive map exercise. With this exercise community members would answer a series of questions about where they would like more stores, preferred transportation improvements, their favorite place and the one thing they would do to make their district even better. The presented exercise included five questions. A link to the postcard is here:

Public comment

There was no public comment.

Next steps

The next CIC meeting will be Wednesday, August 28, 2013 from 8:00 -10:00 a.m.

For more information, please contact Marty Stockton, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability at 503-823-2041 or

CIC – Meetings in 2013

  • Wednesday,      August 28th
  • Wednesday, September 25th
  • Wednesday,      October 23rd
  • Wednesday, November 27th


Policy Expert Groups and Working Groups – June/July Meetings

  • Neighborhood      Centers PEG meeting, Thursday, June 20, 8:00-10:00a.m., Conference Room      2500A
  • Community      Involvement PEG meeting, Thursday, June 20, 6:00-8:00p.m.; City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Avenue,      Pettygrove Conference Room
  • Networks      PEG meeting, Wednesday, June 26, 2:30-4:30p.m.; 1900 SW 4th      Avenue, 2nd Floor, Conference Room 2500B
  • Watershed      Health and Environment PEG meeting, Wednesday, June 26, 4:00-6:00p.m.;      1900 SW 4th Avenue, 7th Floor, Conference Room 7A
  • Infrastructure      Equity PEG meeting, Wednesday, July 10, 10:00a.m-12:00p.m.; 1900 SW 4th Avenue,      2nd Floor, Conference Room 2500A
  • Economic      Development PEG meeting, Wednesday, July 17, 11:30a.m. to 1:30p.m.; 1900 SW 4th Avenue,      7th Floor, Conference Room 7A


Summer events – Comprehensive Plan Update outreach table

  • Good in the Hood, Saturday, June 29, 12:00-6:00p.m., Lillis Albina Park/Harriet Tubman Middle School atN FlintandN Russell St
  • Community Fair and Movie atGatewayPark, Friday, July 26
  • Sunday Parkways – North, Sunday, July 28, 11:00a.m.-4:00p.m.
  • National Night Out, Tuesday, August 6, various locations:
    • LloydDistrict(CC) (August 6, 5-7 p.m.,Holladay Park,NE11th andHolladay)
    • Home Forward (NW) (August 6, 3-6 p.m., Pearl District, location tbd)
    • PCC Cascade (NE) (August 6, 4-8 p.m., PCC Cascade,705 N Killingsworth St.)
    • South Burlingame (SW) (August 6, 5-8:30 p.m.,BurlingamePark, SW 12th and SW Falcon
    • Glenfair NA (E) (Aug 7, 4-7 p.m.,Glenfair ParkNE157th & Couch)
  • Multnomah Days, Saturday, August 17, 8:00a.m.-4:00p.m.,SW Capitol Hwy
  • Lents Founders’ Day, Sunday, August 18
  • Sunday Parkways – SE, Sunday, August 25, 11:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
  • Sunday Parkways – West, Sunday, September 29, 11:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.