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A letter from Susan Anderson: The 2035 Comprehensive Plan Proposed Draft

On behalf of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and our many community and business partners, who participated extensively in its development, I am pleased to share the 2035 Comprehensive Plan Proposed Draft.

The draft 2035 Plan builds on dozens of community strategies and plans since 1980, including: the Portland Plan, Climate Action Plan, Portland Economic Development Strategy, Parks 2020 Vision, Albina Community Plan, East Portland Action Plan, Watershed Management Plan, Central City Transportation Management Plan, 1980 Comprehensive Plan, and many others.

The draft 2035 Plan is Portland’s long-range tool to guide growth, change and improvements over the next 20 years. It will be a guide for the City as we leverage new investment and growth to ensure that Portland becomes more prosperous, healthy and resilient for everyone.

Much more than simply a map or new zoning code, the 2035 Plan provides a framework for the City to create opportunities for more jobs, affordable housing, a low-carbon economy, a clean environment, increased mobility and greater equity among Portlanders.

The draft plan was developed with extensive research, technical analysis and an enormous amount of community participation and knowledge.  It includes goals and policies that set specific directions for future decision makers. It includes an Urban Design framework (a map-based illustration of the vision for 2035) as well as a list of significant projects to direct major investments in public infrastructure -- like streets, sidewalks and parks that keep Portlanders safe, mobile and healthy.

The draft 2035 Plan carries forward the best of the many successful approaches that Portland is known for internationally from the 1980 Comprehensive Plan.  In addition, it considers new priorities and recommends that Portland find more advanced ways to:


  • Create complete, healthy connected neighborhoods throughout the city to meet the needs of 120,000 new households.
  • Ensure there is commercial and industrial land available to support 140,000 new jobs.
  • Integrate public health and equity goals into land use policies.
  • Improve resiliency and decrease development pressure in areas that lack public services, or are susceptible to hazards, like flooding and landslides.
  • Create a low carbon city that is energy and resource efficient and creates local jobs.
  • Recognize that one size does not fit all, so we must plan and design distinctive areas of the city to fit local conditions.
  • Promote affordable housing throughout the city in areas with good access to transit, grocery stores and shops, schools and other services.


Please take this opportunity to review the draft 2035 Plan and provide your feedback to us in writing, on-line through the Map App, or through oral testimony at hearings that will be held by the Planning and Sustainability Commission throughout the fall. If you have specific questions or concerns about a policy or map designation, please give us a call at 503-823-0195.  

The 2035 Plan is a roadmap to the future.  Your comments are critical for helping to create a healthier, more resilient and prosperous city for us and future generations.


All the best,

Susan Anderson