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Still tasty after all these years?

Conflicted about eating that block of cheddar your in-laws sent for the holidays (it was last year, right?) that you discovered in the back of the fridge? Wondering if that thawed fish that you never got around to cooking can be refrozen? What about using that baking powder you’ve had on the shelf since Nixon was president?

Sure, you know that food waste has a major impact on your finances, not to mention the environment. And you don’t want to contribute to the third of all food that gets wasted every year in the U.S., all $48 billion of it. On the other hand, you also don’t want to send your family to the emergency room with food poisoning.

StillTasty, Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide, has the answer to all your food storage and spoilage questions. Everything you need to know to help you decide if your favorite food or beverage is still good to the last drop. StillTasty’s advice is culled from the Department of AgricultureFood and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as non-profits that conduct studies on food safety and direct contacts with food manufacturers.

The StillTasty folks not only proffer produce pointers, but provide “keep it or toss it” advice for a dozen types of food from dairy and eggs to snacks and sweets. And they dig deep into the categories, such as dozens of different kinds of cheese and whether they’re sliced, shredded, commercially packaged, or in an opened or unopened package.

But wait, there’s more. StillTasty is the source for sage advice on storing your comestibles, be they sage or shellfish. What goes in the fridge, what gets frozen, and why onions and potatoes should only be together when you cook them are just a few of life’s little mysteries that will finally be revealed.

So whether you’re consumed with anxiety about breakfasting on pizza you left on the coffee table overnight (don’t do it) or putting hot food directly in the refrigerator (just do it), StillTasty is the oracle for food safety and freshness. And, by the way, the cheddar is good, the fish can be refrozen and it’s probably time to impeach the baking powder you’re still kicking around, but here’s the test