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Your Role as Property Manager

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Multifamily covers a lot of territory. Any property with five of more units, from small courtyard apartments to manufactured home parks, is included. Your residents – whether they live in dormitories, moorages or high-end condominiums – should have the opportunity to recycle as conveniently as they dispose of trash.

Your Role is Important

From milk jugs to card board boxes, Portland residents want to recycle. It’s not surprising our city has one of the highest recycling rates in the nation, with an impressive recovery rate of over 70 percent. Recycling doesn’t just happen. Multifamily property managers are critical to our success.

Meeting Garbage & Recycling Requirements

Owners and managers of multifamily properties are required to provide and pay for adequate garbage and recycling service.

Provide adequate service. Get the right combination of garbage and recycling containers to allow recycling of all permitted materials. Prevent garbage from accumulating and creating a sanitary hazard between collections.

Inform new residents. You’re responsible for providing new residents with information on how to recycle within thirty days of move in.

Conduct an annual reminder. Update existing residents on how to recycle at least once a year. An easy to use system and regular, ongoing education keeps residents up to speed on how garbage and recycling work.

By fulfilling your requirements, you do your part to make sure that all Portlanders have the opportunity to recycle.

Setting Up Service

Unlike surrounding cities, Portland’s multifamily property owners and managers select a garbage and recycling company from over three dozen City licensed businesses. We can provide a list of commercial companies, as well as offer guidelines to choosing the service you want for your property.

Ask for recommendations. Connect with other property managers in your company or in the neighborhood. Learn about how their garbage and recycling company is working for them.

Obtain multiple bids and negotiate. Reach out to several different companies. Select the one that will provide the best services for your community. Cost, number and size of containers, frequency of service and days of collection are all negotiable.

Identify the best location. Ensure collection trucks easily access your collection system. When possible, outside is best. The company you select will provide the roll carts and containers for garbage and recycling collection.

Ensure containers are in working condition. They must have up-to-date photo and text stickers that clearly identify the items that can go inside. We have free stickers in a variety of languages.

Establish a successful relationship your garbage and recycling company to help you establish and maintain a clean, effective and successful collection area. Contact them with:

  • Questions about recycling and composting
  • Requests for collection of bulky items, such as furniture and mattresses
  • Service requests to adjust containers, collection time, days and frequency
  • Questions about billing and account information or other concerns

Get free support today

We can help you prevent mistakes with waste before they happen at your multifamily property. And save time and money in the process. We’re available by phone, email and in person. Get free resources today.

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