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What does it mean if I received a notice that says that recommendations may “affect the permissible uses” and “may also affect the value” of my property?

Oregon law requires us to send this notice, with this particular language, to everyone who has a land use designation change proposed to their property, regardless of whether that change will have impacts. 

The proposed Comprehensive Plan Map includes changes to land use designations, which guide the allowed uses and intensity of development on a property. “Permissible”, or allowed uses (such as residential, commercial or industrial uses, and amount of potential future development on your property and surrounding properties) can be one factor that contributes to property value. 

In some cases land use designation changes are proposed that may allow you to develop your property for different uses than you can today. Current use on a property is typically allowed to continue after a land use designation change. 

If you have a developed property and the proposed change is to the same type of land use designation and zoning – say from single family residential 10,000 to single family residential 20,000 …
Chances are good that the change will have no effect on the current use of your property.

If you have a developed property and the proposed change is to a different type of land use designation and zone and the new zone does not allow the current use (for example a store in a residential zone) …
There are ways that you may be able to have that use acknowledged and continue as a “non-conforming” use (i.e., “grandfathered”).

If you own a large property that could be subdivided in the future …
The land use designation change may affect how many lots can be created in a future subdivision. The number of potential future lots can affect how much a real estate developer is willing to pay you for your property.

Value is measured in different ways and can be very situation-specific. There is an assessed value that is calculated by the property tax office. Assessed values can be re-assessed based on land use designation or zoning changes. However, assessed values typically change as a result of improvements made to development or a change of use on a property. You can contact Multnomah County Assessment and Taxation at 503-988-3326 with questions related to potential effects to assessed value. You can also find more information at Oregon Department of Revenue’s website:

There is also a market value, which is based on what your property is deemed to be worth on the real estate market. You can contact a real estate professional with questions related to market value.

Please call 503-823-0195 if you have further questions for the City.