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Zoning Code Update Packet #165

Contents of Update Packet #165 (effective 01/01/15)

This Code Update is the result of Citywide Tree Policy (Ordinance Nos 186053 and 185655), and also begins the formatting-update process, which will continue as future code updates are made.

Code Update Packet: 165 Effective Date: January 1, 2015 Contact: Morgan Tracy (503-823-6879) Amends Chapters: Title Page, How To, List of Chapters, Table of Contents, How to Use, 33.10, 100 contents sheet, 33.100, 33.110, 33.120, 33.130, 33.140, 200 contents sheet, 33.218, 33.248, 33.258, 400 contents sheet, 33.430, 33.440, 33.445, 33.465, 33.480, 500 contents sheet, 33.515, 33.537, 33.570, 33.580, 600 contents sheet, 33.630, 33.654, 33.662, 33.664, 33.665, 700 contents sheet, 33.700, 33.730, 800 contents sheet, 33.815, 33.820, 33.825, 33.853, 900 contents sheet, 33.910

Substantive Changes:

  • Incorporates references to Title 11, Trees, for tree-related regulations in certain development situations and permits for tree removal or pruning when exempt from zoning requirements.
  • Provides additional incentives to preserve trees (limited reduction in required parking, density bonuses and decreases).
  • Adds discretionary, qualitative review criteria to preserve large healthy trees and tree groves in land division applications, updated quantitative tree preservation criteria, establishes 10-year tree preservation plan effective period, replaces significant tree list with criteria to consider native trees that are listed in the Portland Plant List.
  • Adds criteria to consider tree preservations in specified conditional use and design reviews.
  • Improves consistency of rules for trees in environmental zones, and plan districts.
  • Clarifies intent and updates environmental zoning regulations for non-native non-nuisance trees, and trees in the transition area of environmental zones.

Note: This packet incorporates the new template for zoning code formatting. These changes are intended to improve overall readability and use fonts that are more compatible with online viewing. Chapters that are not included with this packet will be reformatted with the new template through subsequent updates.

Click here to download Zoning Code Update Pages #165. Subsequent updates may have modified some of these pages. The links to chapters in the chart below will provide the current version of the chapter.

Chapter Remove Pages Insert Pages Changed because of:
Title page, how to All All Format change
List of Chapters All All Format change
Table of Contents All All Format change
How to Use All All Format change
33.10 1-3 1-3 Format change
100 contents sheet All All Format change
33.100 All All Amend
33.110 All All Amend
33.120 All All Amend
33.130 All All Amend
33.140 All All Amend
200 contents sheet All All Format change
33.218 All All Typos
33.248 All All Amend
33.258 All All Amend
400 contents sheet All All Format change
33.430 All All Amend
33.440 All All Amend
33.445 All All Typo
33.465 All All Amend
33.480 All All Amend
500 contents sheet All All Format change
33.515 All All Amend
33.537 All All Amend
33.570 All All Amend
33.580 All All Amend
600 contents sheet All All Format change
33.630 All All Amend
33.654 All All Amend
33.662 All All Amend
33.664 All All Amend
33.665 All All Amend
700 contents sheet All All Format change
33.700 All All Amend
33.730 All All Amend
800 contents sheet All All Format change
33.815 All All Amend
33.820 All All Amend
33.825 All All Amend
33.853 All All Amend
900 contents sheet All All Format change
33.910 All All Amend

The official Title 33, Planning and Zoning (Zoning Code) is the printed copy in the Development Services Center. PDFs available on are not the official text of Title 33, Planning and Zoning. Although every effort is made to ensure that the two texts are identical, errors or differences may remain. It is the user's responsibility to verify the legal accuracy of all provisions.

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Citywide Tree Policy (Ordinance Nos 186053 and 185655), and also begins the formatting-update process, which will continue as future code updates are made.