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Ask the Curbside Hotline Operator: How do I dispose of old batteries?


Q: How do I dispose of old batteries? Can they be recycled?

A: There are various recycling and proper disposal options for batteries. Many stores that sell batteries will take them back for recycling. Find a resource near you that accepts household, rechargeable and lead-acid batteries online at Metro’s Find a Recycler tool.

Metro’s hazardous waste facilities also accept batteries, as well as a long list of common household hazardous waste.  

You can also dispose of common household alkaline and carbon-zinc batteries in the garbage. Regular AA, AAA, C and D batteries are allowed in the garbage because they are no longer manufactured with mercury. Other batteries still release toxic heavy metals that pollute air and water.

Batteries of any kind do not belong in the blue recycling roll cart. There are potential hazards because when they are overheated, the lithium used in batteries, along with other chemicals, are highly flammable.

Interested in disposing other items not accepted at the curb?
Contact the Metro Recycling Information online or call 503-234-3000.

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Submit your question online or call 503-823-7202.