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Scope of the Off-road Cycling Master Plan project

Development of the Off-road Cycling Master Plan will include three primary tasks:

  1. Ongoing community engagement and information
  2. Development of a draft plan
  3. Review and adoption of the Off-road Cycling Master Plan

1. Ongoing community engagement and information

Community input will contribute to and shape the development of the plan. The planning process will include a variety of ways for Portlanders to get involved and voice their ideas and feedback.

The goals of the community engagement and information process are to:

  • Reach a variety of partners, stakeholders and interested community members.
  • Build capacity for partners, stakeholders and community members, especially those who have been historically under-represented, to engage in and influence the planning process;
  • Foster a common vision for off-road cycling facilities;
  • Provide opportunities for community outreach and education to build awareness and understanding of off-road cycling and mountain biking as a recreational activity and active transportation opportunity; and
  • Resolve conflicts to meet multiple objectives for public lands.

2. Development of a draft Off-road Cycling Master Plan

Based on community input and technical analysis, the Plan will consider or include:

Vision, goals or objectives to guide the system planning effort.

Potential impacts of off-road cycling on human health, environmental health, and economic activity.

Best practices in sustainable off-road cycling/mountain biking trail and facility planning, design, and management to meet multiple goals, maximize benefits, and limit user conflicts and negative impacts.

An assessment of existing conditions and needs that identifies the spectrum of off-road cycling experiences needed in the community and potential gaps and opportunities.

A system plan that identifies recommended trail or facility improvements to provide a spectrum of off-road cycling opportunities and experiences. The System Plan will identify facility locations and types, general alignments, and general design and management considerations. 

The overall system plan will consider opportunities to connect off-road cycling trails and facilities to each other to create more varied riding options. It will look for ways to make it easy for people to get to off-road trails and facilities using the city’s paved bicycle network and transit. It will also consider ways to leverage investments in trails and facilities to achieve multiple community goals, such as increasing overall recreational opportunities and access to nature, restoring natural resources and wildlife habitat, providing for active transportation, and managing stormwater.

The System Plan will be based on site suitability criteria and feasibility assessments for off-road cycling trail and facility opportunities that consider factors such as:

  • Suitability for needed/desired off-road cycling trails or facilities
  • Current and potential user profiles and associated design and management strategies
  • Natural resources, vegetation, soil types and other watershed health factors
  • Significant ownership, legal or regulatory factors or restrictions
  • Impacts to historic, cultural or scenic resources
  • Infrastructure needs, such as utility easements and first-responder and maintenance access
  • Impacts to adjacent property owners

Design and management recommendations to promote safety, reduce potential user conflicts, leverage partnerships and volunteer efforts, and address potential trail or facility impacts.

Implementation measures necessary to carry out the Master Plan’s recommendations in the future, such as potential funding sources for capital and operating costs; development and management mechanisms; significant amendments to adopted plans, zoning codes, and City or bureau policies; or property acquisitions.

3. Review and adoption of the Off-road Cycling Master Plan

Each component of the Off-road Cycling Master Plan will be available for public review and feedback. A revised Draft Off-road Cycling Master Plan will then be presented to City Council for formal review, consideration and adoption.