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Code Amendments

For more detail on each amendment, refer to the memo.

Amendment # Memo Page # Explanation Code Section
25a 12 FAR Option A - Uphold the PSC recommendation to retain the 4:1 FAR in RH zones in the southern portion of the historic Alphabet District, limit RH FAR to 2:1 elsewhere. Map 120-7 (page 67 of Zoning Code Amendments)
25b 15 FAR Option B - Reject the PSC recommended 2:1 FAR in the northern Alphabet District, retaining 4:1 where is it currently mapped.   Map 120-7 (page 67 of Zoning Code Amendments)
25c 18 FAR Option C - Uphold the PSC-recommended changes to the FAR map in the Alphabet District. In addition, this option would return four additional sites listed below to the mapped 4:1 area. FAR would be limited to 2:1 elsewhere.   Map 120-7 (page 67 of Zoning Code Amendments)
26 21 Add schools to the neighborhood contact requirement. 33.700.025
27 22 Remove a change recommended by the PSC to allow bay windows that project over the right of way to meet the recommended façade articulation standard. 33.130.222.C.2 and 33.150.255.C.2
28a 23 Drive-throughs Option A: Retain the PSC recommendation and clarifies one aspect of that code language. This option would prohibit drive through facilities and correlated Quick Vehicle Servicing uses east of 80th Avenue.  33.130.260
28b 25 Drive-throughs Option B: Reflect staff’s August 2016 recommendation to the Planning and Sustainability Commission. It would allow new drive through facilities and Quick Vehicle Servicing uses only in the auto-accommodating CE zone (the zoning map proposes a limited amount of CE zoning citywide).  33.130.260
28c 26 Drive-throughs Option C: Prohibit new drive through facilities in all mixed use zones, not just east of 80th Ave.  33.130.260
29 28 Change the FAR at Legacy Good Samaritan to 3.7:1. Table 150-2
30 28 Allow housing on campuses with CI2 zoning. Table 150-1
31 29 Change the street setback on a portion of the University of Portland Campus from 200 feet to zero. Map 150-2 
32 31 Delete Map 150-3 (Legacy Emanuel Hospital and Health Center Maximum Heights and Minimum Setbacks) because Legacy Emanuel does not have site-specific heights and setbacks.  Map 150-3 
33 31 Change the maximum building length for buildings in the CI1 zone, when the buildings are close to the street. The maximum length would change from 110 to 200 feet.  33.150.235
34 32 Change the recommended draft to remove minimum off-street parking requirements from sites close to frequent transit. 33.266.110
35 33 Clarify that the “l” overlay will be added to the Riverside Golf and Country Club if the zoning on that site is ever changed to IG2 in the future (it is currently zoned OS, but the adopted 2035 Comprehensive Plan allows IG2). Relates to Amendment #8. 33.475 and 33.565
36 34 Clarify proposed language in Title 3 creating Community Involvement Committee.


37 35 Add minimum residential densities in commercial/mixed use zones, when residential or mixed use development is built. 33.130.207