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Resources for people affected by the 2035 Comprehensive Plan

The 2035 Comprehensive Plan includes changes to both the Zoning Map and the Zoning Code, as well as other documents. Many properties are affected by a map change, a Zoning Code change or both.

Zoning Map Changes

There are 24,000 properties in Portland that are being assigned new zones as part of the Comprehensive Plan Update. To find out if a Comp Plan Map change (base zone or overlay) was applied to a specific property, please check the Map App.

Some properties are being assigned zones that are completely new (CM1, CM2, CM3, CE, CI1, CI2). Others are being assigned an existing zone that is already part of the code (RF, R20, R10, R5, R2.5, R3, R2, R1, RH, EG1, EG2, CX, RX, etc.).

  • Properties with map changes that will have a newly created zone (e.g., going from CS to CM2): Learn more about the new code parameters by reading the Zoning Code Amendments. The best way to find your topic of interest is to search in the document. If you’re having trouble finding it, call 503-823-0195 or email
  • Properties with map changes that will have a different zone (e.g., going from R1 to R2): You can learn more about the existing zones by visiting the Bureau of Development Services Zoning Information website. (Please note that the code language for some existing zones, such as EG1, will change at the same time as the map.)

Zoning Code Changes

Some properties are affected by changes to the code language. This means that the rules about what you can do with property in that zone will be different. Some of the key changes are listed below. To see all of the code changes, read the full Zoning Code Amendments document.

Key changes to the Zoning Code Page # in the Zoning Code Amendments document
New commercial mixed use zones are replacing the current commercial zones 92
Rules for drive-through facilities have been changed 192 and 275
Some of the General Employment (EG) code is revised 204
There are new Transportation Demand Management requirements for campus and commercial mixed use zones 316
New campus institution zones will affect development at large colleges and hospitals 210
There is a new service criterion for approval of land divisions, related to school district capacity 420

New Comprehensive Plan policies will also affect Comprehensive Plan Map amendment applications.

Note that that the Inclusionary Housing program adopted by City Council in December is effective now. City staff are working to reconcile the new program with adopted code changes above.


What is the difference between the Zoning Map and the Zoning Code?

The Zoning Code 1) describes what can be built on a property and 2) how a property can be used in each zone. When the part of the Zoning Code that describes a zone is changed, that affects the properties that are assigned to that zone.

The Zoning Map shows the zone that is assigned to each property in the city. When the Zoning Map changes, it changes which zone is assigned to the property. The Early Implementation Package of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan makes changes to both the Zoning Map and the Zoning Code.

When will my new zone and/or code change take effect?

New zones and code language are expected to become effective on May 24, 2018 at 1:00 PM. Please note that this effective date may change, depending on the process at the state level. Current zones will remain effective until the new zones take effect.

Can I get grandfathered in under the current zones for a project I’m working on?

The Bureau of Development Services (BDS) has a useful handout on “vesting” applications under the zoning regulations in effect at the time of application. Questions about specific development projects or unique situations should be directed to BDS Land Use Services staff at (503) 823-7526.

Can I get permits now under the future zoning for a project I’m working on?

The Bureau of Development Services applies the current zone until the moment the new zones take effect. It is possible to make an Early Assistance appointment about the future zoning, but the future zoning cannot be relied on until it is recognized by the state.

Can I object to the zone change?

See OAR 660-025-0140 Notice and Filing of Objections (Work Task Phase) for more information.

Can I get more information?

Contact the Comprehensive Plan Helpline with questions about the process at or 503-823-0195. The Bureau of Decelopment Services Planning and Zoning staff are trained about the adopted zones. Please call 503-823-7526 with questions about zoning on a specific property.