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What is the Discussion Draft?

cover The Portland Off-road Cycling Master Plan is helping to create more off-road cycling trails and facilities in Portland. These trails and parks would provide places for healthy and safe outdoor recreation for children and families of all abilities as well as increase access to natural green spaces in the city. 

The Discussion Draft of the Off-road Cycling Master Plan, and the accompanying interactive map, include draft recommendations on how the City of Portland might build more off-road cycling trails and bike parks throughout the City. The City is particularly interested in creating more opportunities for people and families in underserved areas.  

Building or improving a trail or facility on a City property will require additional future site planning, community engagement and funding. If a property has an existing master plan, the City and community may need to amend the plan to incorporate the planned trail or facility.

Check out the Discussion Draft and share your comments and suggestions about what kinds of trails, pump tracks and skill parks should go where! Comments are appreciated by December 17th, 2017.

How was the Discussion Draft developed?

First, the project team looked at all City-owned properties to determine if any are suitable for future off-road cycling trails and facilities. This analysis was based on the vision and research into community needs, the impacts and benefits of off-road cycling, and the best practices for building safe and sustainable trails and facilities. 

Then, the team combined community input from thousands of Portlanders with feedback from City property managers and the Project Advisory Committee to develop the Discussion Draft of the Master Plan. The Discussion Draft also draws on best practices, additional planning, and visits to more complicated properties by environmental and off-road cycling specialists. The result is a map of recommended sites for new trails and bicycle parks as well as many recommendations for how to create a safe, sustainable, and successful system.

Addressing equity  

Portland currently has a few places where you can ride a bicycle off-road, such as in Forest Park, at Powell Butte or the Ventura Park Pump Track. The Discussion Draft aims to support equity by bringing off-road cycling trails and bike parks to neighborhoods that have traditionally not had access to these types of places. The goal is to create more places to ride that are easy to get to from all neighborhoods by bike or transit.  
The Discussion Draft also includes recommendations to ensure people of all ages, skill levels, and incomes can take part in off-road cycling. It aims to improve accessibility for people on all types of bicycles, including non-traditional bicycles. 

Creating a sustainable system

Portlanders value investments that address equity and provide community benefits, protect and enhance the environment, steward the City’s public lands and taxpayer funding, and help build individual and community prosperity. The Discussion Draft of the Off-road Cycling Master Plan includes many recommendations to ensure off-road cycling trails and bike parks meet these goals.

To achieve these goal, it’s also important that we hear from as many Portlanders as possible.

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