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Don’t let your food scraps go to waste

The holidays offer more time in the kitchen – preparing, baking and cooking for family and friends. Get a head start on your food prep by having your kitchen compost container handy.

Keep your pail tidy by lining it with newspaper, a paper bag or an approved compostable liner. You can also wrap up food scraps in a piece of newspaper before placing them in your container.

To get the most from your bird, make stock with the bones before you compost it. It's easier than you think. By adding water, carrots, onions, celery and perhaps some favorite herbs and spices, you can create flavorful stock to freeze for future winter cooking. Enjoy your leftovers (many holiday foods taste better the second day), make a turkey sandwich, a casserole or get creative with your own concoction!

And when you’ve gotten everything out of your meal, add the turkey bones and any other food left to your kitchen compost container or directly in your green Portland Composts! roll cart. 

Reminder: Keep fats, oils and grease out of drains to prevent clogging. Cooking oil from the turkey fryer should go in a container with a tight seal and placed inside the garbage cart. 

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Is it food? It's compostable!
Get a detailed list of what goes in the green compost roll cart.