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Zoning Code Update Pages #190

Download Update Packet #190

This packet includes only the pages affected by the update. Please note, subsequent updates may have modified these pages. The links to chapters in the chart below will provide the current version of the chapter.


  • Bill Cunningham (Better Housing by Design – Ord. No. 189805): 503-823-4203
  • Sarah Figliozzi (Bike Parking – Ord. No. 189784): 503-823-0805

Substantive Changes:      
This packet includes three major code change groupings and also fixes a few typos.

Better Housing by Design: Includes substantial updates to Chapter 33.120 (Multi-Dwelling Zones). Major changes include a shift from regulating by maximum unit density to instead regulating by building scale (FAR) with more flexibility for numbers of units, new names for the multi-dwelling zones, new development bonuses for affordable housing, limitations on front garages, expanded requirements for outdoor spaces in higher-density zones, and development standards specific to East Portland (mostly east of 82nd Avenue). The amendments also include some revisions to Chapter 33.130 (Commercial Zones) and other zoning code chapters to provide consistency with the multi-dwelling zone amendments.

Bike Parking: Updates the Bicycle Parking requirements in the Zoning Code (33.266.200) to ensure new development and major redevelopment provides adequate, secure and convenient short- and long-term bicycle parking. Elements include: enhance security standards to help prevent bike theft; increase options for space saving racks; usability for a variety of types of bicycles and people of all abilities; update the minimum required amounts of short- and long-term bicycle parking; expand the use of geographic tiers to all Use Categories; and reduce the in-unit allowance for required long-term bicycle parking. 

Annual Dollar Thresholds Update: March 1 update to dollar thresholds based on the annual national average of the Construction Cost Index (CCI), as published in the second January issue of the Engineering News-Record.

Contents of Update Packet #190 (effective March 1, 2020):

Chapter Remove Pages Insert Pages Changed because of
120 All All BHD; Bike Parking
130 All All BHD; Bike Parking
140 27-40 27-40 BHD
150 1-26 1-26 BHD
218  All All  BHD
229  All All  BHD; Bike Parking
239 All  All BHD
251 All All BHD
258 All All BHD; Bike Parking; $ threshold
266 All All BHD; Bike Parking
270 All All BHD
281 3-6 3-6 Bike Parking
285 All All BHD
296 All All BHD
405 All All BHD
415 3-4, Maps 3-4, Maps BHD
420 3-10 3-10 BHD; Typo 
440 All  All Bike Parking; $ threshold
445 5-30 5-30 BHD
470 3-4 3-4 BHD
480 All All BHD
505 1-6 1-2 BHD
510 19-28, 39-68 19-28, 39-68 BHD; Bike Parking; $ threshold
515 33-38 33-38 Bike Parking; $ threshold
521 7-16 7-16 BHD
526 5-18 5-18 BHD
532 5-10 5-10 BHD
534 1-4 1-4 BHD
536 1-16 1-16 BHD
537 3-8 3-8 BHD
545 1-4 1-4 BHD
555 1-10 1-10 Bike Parking
560 1-4 1-4 $ threshold
561 1-8 1-8 BHD
562 1-18 1-18 BHD
564 1-6 1-6 BHD
565 7-8 7-8 $ threshold
575 1-4 1-4 BHD
583 1-6 1-6 BHD
612 All All BHD
631 All All BHD
634 All All BHD
667  All All  BHD 
730 3-10 3-10 Typo 
805 All All BHD 
815 All All BHD; Bike Parking; Typo
825 1-6 1-6 BHD; $ threshold
846 All All BHD
854 5-10 5-10 BHD
855 5-6 5-6 BHD
910 All All BHD
930  3-6, 19-20   3-6, 19-20 BHD

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