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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office of Management & Finance

Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services

Phone: 503-823-5288

Fax: 503-823-5384

1120 SW 5th Avenue, Rm 1040, Portland, OR 97204

Procurement Services Staff Directory


 CPO Support Services |  Design & Construction Services | Goods & Services |

Main Fax Number: 503-865-3455
Hours: Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm; Closed Most Federal Holidays    
* Indicates staff members that are BuySpeed Vendor Administrators


Spitler, Lester Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), Manager III 503-823-1095
COEP Program Manager, Analyst II 503-823-xxxx
 Edwards, Stacey Contractor Development - Program Coordinator II 503-823-9166
 Foreman, Stacey Sustainable Procurement Program Manager, Coordinator II 503-823-3508
Stewart, Paul Procurement Operations Supervisor,  Analyst II 503-823-7436
 * Nguyen, Gennie Operations, Analyst I 503-823-6872
  Hardgrove, Leslie Operations, PM Training Program - Coordinator II 503-823-6860
  Thompson, Aaron Operations, P-Card Program - Coordinator I 503-823-5701


Kathleen Brenes-Morua Design & Construction, Manager I  503-823-2506
* Kapelczak, Mary Administrative Specialist II 503-823-5783
Massier, Cathleen Compliance Services, Coordinator IV 503-823-6888
  Saechao, Ay  Compliance Services, Analyst I 503-823-1090
   Vanlue, Lisa Compliance Services, Analyst I 503-823-6910
  Wendorf, Paula Internal Compliance Services, Supervisor II 503-823-6889
  Pack, Angela Compliance Services, Analyst I 503-823-6883
Compliance Services, Analyst I  503-823-xxxx
  Kas Smiley Compliance Services, Analyst I 503-823-7194
 Severe Marcelin, Toni Compliance Services, Analyst I 503-823-2505

Hellman, Valentine

Design Services, Supervisor II  503-823-6130
Rick Knostman Design, Senior Procurement Specialist  503-823-4008
Huang, Jin Design, Senior Procurement Specialist  503-823-5371
 Whelan, Kim Design,  Procurement Specialist  503-823-5578
Davis-McKernan, Kelly Construction, Supervisor II  503-823-7574
* Strickland, Destinee Procurement Specialist, Assistant 503-823-4879
* Miller, Alexzandria Construction, Procurement Specialist, Assistant 503-823-5551
* McCoy, Vazel Construction, Procurement Specialist, Assistant 503-823-5513
  Amunga, Emmanuel  Construction, Program Specialist 503-823-2299
  Beane, Rachel  Construction, Senior Procurement Specialist 503-823-9293
  Saechao, Mahn Construction, Senior Procurement Specialist 503-823-1075


Schneider, Scott Goods & Services, Manager I 503-823-6880
 * Huynh, Luu Administrative Specialist II 503-823-1708
  Harley, Jim Goods & Services, Strategic Sourcing - Coordinator II 503-823-6850
 Ramm, Eric  Contractual Risk Manager, Risk Specialist II 503-823-6882
Blade, Jeff Goods, Supervisor II 503-823-6858
  Phillips, Cindy Goods, Sr. Procurement Specialist 503-823-6809
 Almirol-Robbins, Nichelina Goods, Procurement Specialist 503-823-2297
  Karen Brown Goods, Procurement Specialist 503-823-6827
 * Lucas, Adriana  Goods, Procurement Specialist, Assistant 503-823-7665
 Green, Theresa Services, Supervisor II 503-823-6837
 Moering, James Services, City Procurement Analyst, Analyst II 503-823-7886
 Ariza, Mark Services, Senior Procurement Specialist 503-823-5680
  DeEtte Wolfe Services, Senior Procurement Specialist 503-823-6829
  Mac Dennis  Services, Procurement Specialist 503-823-6859
  Xylia Guzman Torres   Services, Procurement Specialist 503-823-6151
  Kristina Escobar   Services, Procurement Specialist 503-823-6875