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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office of Management & Finance

Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services

Phone: 503-823-5288

Fax: 503-823-5384

1120 SW 5th Avenue, Rm 1040, Portland, OR 97204

SAP Fund Abbreviation Listing (for cash transfers)


Fund Abbreviations

Purpose of this list is for the 4-character alpha code for cash transfer funded programs.




Fund #

New SAP Fund Description ABBR
100000 General Fund GENF
200000 Transportation Operating TRAN
201000 Assessment Collection ACOL
202000 Emergency Communication ECOM
203000 Development Services DEVS
204000 Property Management License PROP
205000 Public Safety PUBS
206000 Cable CABL
207000 Private for Hire Transportation Safety PHTS
208000 Business License Surcharge BLSF
209000 Convention and Tourism TOUR
210000 General Reserve GRES
211000 Special Finance and Resource SPFI
212000 Transportation Reserve TRES
213000 Housing Investment HOUS
214000 Campaign Finance CAMP
215000 Parks Local Option Levy PLOL
216000 Children's Investment CHIF
217000 Grants GRNT
218000 CDBG Incoming (External) CDBI
219000 HOME Incoming (External) HOME
220000 Portland Parks Memorial PMEM
221000 Tax Increment Reimbursement TIFR
222000 Police Special Revenue PLSR
223000 Arts Education and Access ARTS
224000 Community Solar SOLR
225000 Inclusionary Housing Fund IHFD
226000 Housing Property Fund HPRO
227000 Recreational Marijuana Tax MTAX
228000 Cannabis Licensing Special Revenue MLIC
229000 PDX Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund PDXC
230000 Housing Development Costs BOND
231000 Citywide Obligations Reserve Fund CORF
232000 2020 Parks Local Option Levy PLOT
301000 River District UR Area Debt Redemption RIVR
302000 Bonded Debt Interest and Sinking GODB
303000 Downtown Waterfront Renewal Bond Sinking WFRT
304000 Interstate Corridor Debt Service INTR
305000 Pension Debt Redemption PDBT
306000 South Park Block Redemption SPRK
307000 Airport Way Debt Service AIRP
308000 Gas Tax Bond Redemption GAST
309000 Lents Town Ctr URA Debt Redemption LENT
310000 Central Eastside Indust Distr Debt Srvc EAST
311000 Bancroft Bond Interest and Sinking BBND
312000 Convention Center Area Debt Service CCTR
313000 North Macadam URA Debt Redemption NMAC
314000 Special Projects Debt Service SPDS
315000 Gateway UR Area Debt Redemption GATE
316000 Willamette Industrial UR Area Debt Srvc WILL
317000 Governmental Bond Redemption GBND
400000 BFRES Facilties GO Bond Construction FGOB
401000 Local Improvement District Construction LIDC
402000 Parks Capital Construction and Maint PCON
403000 Public Safety GO Bond Construction PSGO
404000 Housing Capital Fund HCAP
405000 Fire Capital Fund FCAP
500000 Parks Endowment PEND
600000 Sewer System Operating SEWR
601000 Hydroelectric Power Operating HYDR
602000 Water WATR
603000 Golf  GOLF
604000 Portland International Raceway PIRF
605000 Solid Waste Management SWST
606000 Parking Facilities PFAC
607000 Spectator Facilities Operating SFAC
608000 Environmental Remediation ENVR
609000 Sewer System Debt Redemption SDBT
610000 Golf Revenue Bond Redemption GLFB
611000 Hydroelectric Power Bond Redemption HBND
612000 Water Bond Sinking WBND
613000 Parking Facilities Debt Redemption PFDR
614000 Sewer System Construction SCON
615000 Water Construction WCON
616000 Water Growth Impact Charge Trust WGRW
617000 Sewer System Rate Stabilization SRAT
618000 Hydro Power Renewal & Replacement HREN
621000 Headwaters Apt Complex HWAC
700000 Health Insurance Operating HLTH
701000 Facilities Services Operating FACS
702000 CityFleet Operating CFLT
703000 Printing and Distribution Srvc Operating PDOP
704000 Insurance and Claims Operating INSC
705000 Workers’ Compensation Self Insurance Op WCMP
706000 Technology Services TECH
707000 Ptld Police Association Health Insurance PPAH
708000 Enterprise Business Solutions Services EBSS
800000 Fire & Police Disability and Retirement FPDR
801000 Fire Police Disability & Retirement Res FRES
802000 Fire & Police Supplemntal Retirement Res FSUP


last updated 12/31/2020