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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office of Management & Finance

Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services

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D/M/W/ESB/SDVBE Contractors and Workforce Training and Hiring

The City of Portland promotes the utilization of Disadvantaged, Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, Emerging Small Businesses, Service Disabled Veterans Business Enterprises (D/M/W/ESB/SDVBE)  contractors and sub-contractors to promote inclusion and a sustained, vibrant local economy. In addition, the Workforce Training and Hiring Program strives to maximize work opportunities for women and minorities on City projects that are over $200,000.


 D/M/W/ESB/SDVBE Certification

The City encourages Oregon D/M/W/ESB/SDVBE firms to become State certified and for Prime Contractors to utilize D/M/W/ESB/SDVBE subcontractors. To learn more about D/M/W/ESB/SDVBE certification, visit the Get Certified section of the Business Oregon website or call them at (503) 986-0123.

To learn about the City’s Technical Assistance, Mentoring and Prime Contract Development programs, visit our Social Equity Contracting site. 


Utilization of D/M/W/ESB/SDVBE Subcontractors on City Construction and PTE Contracts

“Formal” construction and PTE contracts require efforts to contact and include D/M/W/ESB/SDVBE subcontractors.

The Subcontractor Equity Program (SEP) requires that any construction projects estimated at or above $150,000, will include an aspirational goal of twenty percent (20%) of Hard Construction Costs for D/M/W/ESB/SDVBE subcontractor utilization on projects subject to the Program (the "Aspirational Goal"); within the Aspirational Goal, a further goal of 14% D/M/WBE utilization is desired.  The City encourages contractors to diversify their D/M/W/ESB/SDVBE subcontractor utilization from all available divisions of work. Contractors will be required to provide disclosure forms for first-tier subcontractors or sub consultants.

The Subcontractor Equity Program (SEP) documents and instructions are included in solicitation packages and are discussed at pre-bid meetings. Contractors will be required to report on their continued utilization of D/M/W/ESB/SDVBE subcontractors during the life of the contract.


Workforce Training and Hiring Program

The Workforce Training and Hiring Program applies to City construction projects estimated at $200,000 and above. It provides a vehicle to increasing the numbers of women and minorities in the construction trades through apprenticeship opportunities on City of Portland projects. 

This program aims not only to maximize work opportunities for women and minorities (M/W), but also to acquaint contractors with new job applicant sources and set a standard that will encourage industry-wide fair employment practices.

Contractors awarded City contracts over $200,000 and subcontracts over $100,000 must:

  • Ensure that a minimum of 20% of the labor hours per trade are worked by state-registered apprentices; and
  • Strive in good faith to meet an 18% minority and 9% female goal (both journey and apprentice level workers)

Additional information about State Approved apprenticeship programs can be found on the Bureau of Labor and Industries Apprenticeship and Training Division website, or by calling (503)731-4072.

The City helps by providing:

  • Individualized assistance with program requirements
  • Analysis of workforce needs and apprenticeship ratios
  • Current information about the apprenticeship system
  • Communication liaison between the contractor and the community recruiting resources
  • Monitoring and notification when program requirements are not being met

Additional resources for contractors can be found throughout the Procurement Services website.