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Project Forecast Calendar: Professional, Technical & Expert Services

The following project calendar represents formal City of Portland professional, technical and expert (PTE) services projects expected to be released during the next 3-6 months. While efforts will be made to keep information on this page current, please note that not all City PTE projects may be displayed on this page prior to issuing a solicitation and changes may be made to project plans at any time. For project specific questions, call the project contact person listed below.

To view current City contract opportunity solicitations and receive notices as solicitations are issued, please make sure to register as a vendor with the City's online solicitation system at:


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City of Portland - Environmental Services
Project Title/Description WBS Bureau Element Project Estimate Funding Source Est. Project Release Date Contact Person Phone Scope Entry Created Entry Updated
Sewer Rehabilitation Engineering and Related Services 2017 $4,000,000 per contract 10/16/17 Sterling, Claudia 503-823-4962 Engineering and related services requested to support the predesign, design, and construction phases of BES's Large Scale Sewer Rehab Program may include some or all: public outreach during predesign and design; permit assistance; easement and right-of-way assistance; utility investigation and coordination; field survey; geotechnical, and environmental investigations; asset inspection and condition assessment; alternative evaluation, pre-design, and design of spot repairs, whole pipe rehabilitation, new pipe, including trenchless, manhole rehabilitation; owner’s assistance during preparation of alternate contracting documents; design and public outreach services during advertisement; and design and public outreach services during construction. Services relevant to program delivery, such as scheduling, budget forecasting, and assistance with and development of program and technical guidance, will also be required. List of services to share with DMWESB consultants: • Project management • Civil engineering (plans and specifications) • Geotechnical engineering • Structural engineering • Surveying • CAD services • Cost estimating • Scheduling • Constructability planning • Public involvement • Contaminated media management • Permitting • Identification of easements • Temporary traffic control planning • Utility coordination 07/03/2017 09:07 09/21/2017 14:09
Johnson Creek River Mile 9.6 Floodplain Restoration E07158 $250,000 Local 10/23/17 Brennecke, Eric 503-823-7651 The Johnson Creek River Mile 9.6 Floodplain Restoration Project (to be referred to as JC 9.6, formerly the Johnson Creek Community Restoration Partnership or JCCRP) is located on Johnson Creek roughly between SE 129th Ave and SE 140th Ave, approximately 9.6 river miles upstream of the Johnson Creek Confluence with the Willamette River. The project will provide approximately 2.68 acre/ft of additional floodplain storage, 0.76 acres of native riparian vegetation enhancement, 0.66 acres of floodplain reconnection and 275 linear feet of side channel reconnection. Flood storage will be gained through the creation of flood terraces which will be excavated to roughly a 9-month flood event, which correlates to a typical channel forming flow for an urban stream like Johnson Creek. In addition to providing flood storage, these flood terraces will help reduce erosive shear stresses. Back water areas and low lying wetlands will also be created to provide flood storage and refuge from high velocity for fish. List of services to share with DMWESB consultants: • Project management • Civil engineering – Stream and Habitat Restoration • Geomorphology • Fish Biologist/Ecologist • Geotechnical engineering • CAD services • Cost estimating • Permitting • Identification of easements • Temporary traffic control planning • Utility coordination 07/13/2017 14:07 10/02/2017 16:10
City of Portland - Transportation
Project Title/Description WBS Bureau Element Project Estimate Funding Source Est. Project Release Date Contact Person Phone Scope Entry Created Entry Updated
Right of Way Management Toolkit TBD $TBD 07/21/17 Hoffman, Ashly 503.823.6193 The Proposer will work with PBOT staff to produce a ROW Management Toolkit, establish policy hierarchy to regulate, and write City Code language to enforce that policy. This is to include, but not be limited to streamlining the PBOT development review process by updating the guidance that informs design, development, permitting, construction and management of projects and street improvements in the ROW; and to develop and establish a set of policies or City Code and subsequent hierarchy to support this strategy. The ROW Management Toolkit will bring together existing policy and practices and provide a clear approach to how we make the best use of the streets we have – bridging policy to implementation. This is expected to be a two phased project: • Phase 1 – Guidance for site development (i.e., update or replace the existing document: “Creating Public Streets and Pedestrian Connections through the Land Use and Building Permit Process”). • Phase 2 – Complete Street Strategy (may include street typologies, standards & implementation). 06/23/2017 10:06 07/18/2017 15:07
On Street Parking Data Collection & Analysis $125,000.00 07/14/17 Hoffman, Ashly 503.823.6193 The City of Portland is seeking professional services for annual on-street parking data collection and analysis in the Central Eastside Industrial District, Downtown District, and Northwest District. The professional services would require two (2) sequential years of collection and analysis. In addition to on-street parking data, truck loading zone data collection is also required. Data collection will occur in the Fall and follow up analysis will occur in the Winter. The analysis will include recommended reformatting based on best practices. 06/23/2017 10:06 07/18/2017 15:07
Environmental Assessment TBD $100,000 Federal 07/10/17 Patrick.Boyd@portlan 503.823.7031 City has received one proposal & is in the process of finalizing a contract. 02/13/2017 06:02 07/06/2017 13:07
ROW Appraisal & Acquisition & Relocation Federal Aid project TBD $1,750,000 Federal Only 07/10/17 Maloney, Marty 503.823.7933 5 Appraisal contracts & 2 Acquisition & Relocation contracts at $250,000 will be awarded as a result of this solicitation. Contracts need to be executed by October 1, 2017 & will be three year contracts. 06/07/2017 06:06 06/07/2017 09:06
On Call A & E Services with DMWESB Task Order Emphasis TBD $23.75 million aggregate value Local 09/15/17 POSTED, WILL BE We will be soliciting for 8 separate service areas to include Street Design 6 contracts at$2.5 million each, Street Lighting Design 3 contracts at $500,000 each, Traffic Signal Design 3 contracts at $1,000,000 each, Structural Engineering 3 contracts at $500,000 each, Geotechnical Engineering, 3 contracts at $250,000 each, Rail/Civil Design & Construction Services 1 contract at $500,000 each, Rail Vehicle Engineering Services, 1 contract at $500,000 each, Traffic engineering Services, 2 contracts at $250,000 each. The resulting contract will be for three year terms with Task Orders negotiated as needed. PLEASE NOTE> ALL TASK ORDERS NEGOTIATED AS A RESULT OF THIS SOLICITATION WILL HAVE A 20 PLUS PERCENT DMWESB SUBCONSULTANT UTILIZATION REQUIREMENT. 06/07/2017 09:06 08/28/2017 07:08
Parking Enforcement Assessment TBD $100-$150,000 Local 07/10/17 Boyd, Patrick 503.823.7031 Provide Assesment of: Division staffing levels Division Training needs Division Management best practices Organizational Climate Operational standards & efficiencies Technology & equipment needs Reporting 04/25/2016 12:04 06/07/2017 09:06
RFI re: Smart Autonomous Vehicle Inittiative N/A $N/A N/A 06/09/17 Hoffman, Ashly The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI #657) is to gather data to assist the City in understanding the availability and diversity of suppliers in the marketplace, as well as approaches and solutions to AV testing, piloting and deployment. Respondents are invited to submit information regarding one or more of the following categories:Pilot programs for AV technologies including, but not limited to: Shared Mobility Vehicles; Autonomous Driving Systems Technology; and/or Sensor technology; Electric vehicle charging infrastructure which specifically supports AV testing or deployment and considers integration of smart grid and/or renewable power supply; Maintenance and system operation for AVs; Mobile device and communications networks, specifically with the interoperability to work with Portland’s existing application efforts; Innovative business models that support the testing, piloting and deployment of AVs in a way that furthers one or more of Portland’s safety, equity, climate or traffic congestion goals, which can be found in the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Chapter 9 and the Vision Zero Action Plan. RFI posted on 6/9/2017. Addendum with recorded pre-submittal webinar meeting posted on 7/18/2017. Proposals are due 8/11/2017. We anticipate holding a voluntary AV open house with RFI respondents, where interested companies can present their capabilities and pair up with complementary providers. 07/18/2017 15:07 07/18/2017 15:07
School Based Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Education TBD $150,000 TBD 06/30/17 Hoffman, Ashly 503.823.6193 The City of Portland, Bureau of Transportation will be seeking proposals from qualified proposers with demonstrated experience in: multi-modal transportation education and promotion; school-based bicycle and pedestrian education for youth; working with diverse communities; and volunteer management. The successful proposer will be contracted to manage, coordinate, and implement the Safe Routes to School bicycle and pedestrian classroom education program. RFP Posted 7/6/2017. Proposals Due 7/21/2017. 03/28/2017 12:03 07/18/2017 15:07
City of Portland - Water Bureau
Project Title/Description WBS Bureau Element Project Estimate Funding Source Est. Project Release Date Contact Person Phone Scope Entry Created Entry Updated
Sandy River Station Facilities Plan W70305 $tbd Local 10/26/17 Rodriguez, C. 503.823.7550 The goal of the project is to prepare a facilities plan that provides future direction for the Sandy River Station. 08/15/2017 16:08 10/17/2017 16:10
Enterprise Content Management System Support and Maintenance tbd $tbd Local 01/22/18 Rodriguez, C. 503.823.7550 Expert assistance in upgrading, customizing, configuring, administering, maintaining, and supporting the FileNet document imaging system, as well as identifying business processes that will benefit from this business process management software. 10/03/2017 12:10 10/03/2017 12:10
Bull Run Watershed Historic Properties Management Plan tbd $150,000 Local 01/29/18 Rodriguez, C. 503.823.7550 Work will include researching, writing, and preparing a Historic Properties Management Plan. 10/03/2017 13:10 10/03/2017 13:10
Sandy River Station Facilities Plan W70305 $477,120 Local 11/15/17 Rodriguez, C. 503.823.7550 Complete a Sandy River Station Facilities Plan including needs, condition, and site assessments as well as perform project management. 10/03/2017 14:10 10/03/2017 14:10
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