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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office of Management & Finance

Bureau of Technology Services

BTS HelpDesk: 503-823-5199

111 SW Columbia St, Suite 400, Portland, OR 97201

(GM) Grant Management


Bureau Grant Analyst

Bureau Grant Project Manager

Grant Administrator



Work Instructions

BP Create Business Partner - Sponsor

FB70 Create Manual AR Invoice

FB70 Create Outstanding Customer (GR) Invoice

FMSPLITMAINT Create Rule-Based Account Distribution

FV75 Park Customer Credit Memo (GM Only - Park Entry)

GM_CFDA Maintain CFDA Codes

GM_CREATE_BUDGET Create GM Budget Entry Document

GM_MODIFY_BUDGET Change Budget Documentation

GM_OBJ_MAPPER Map Grant Objects

GM_RRB_IND Submit Billing Request - Single Grant

GM_SETS_GRANT1 Create Grant Group

GM_SETS_GRANT2 Change Grant Group

GM_SETS_SPCLASS1 Create Sponsored Class Group

GM_SETS_SPCLASS2 Change Sponsored Class Group

GM_SETS_SPPROG1 Create Sponsored Program Group

GM_SETS_SPPROG2 Change Sponsored Program Group

GMAVCOVRW Run AVC Overview for Grants Management Dimensions

GMAVCREINIT Re-initialize Availability Control Ledgers

GMCLASS Change Sponsored Class

GMCLASS Create Sponsored Class

GMDERIVER Change Derivation Values

GMGRANT (1) Create Grant in Pre-proposal Phase

GMGRANT (2) Set Grant Status to Proposal Phase

GMGRANT (3) Set Grant Status to Application Sent to Sponsor Phase

GMGRANT (4) Set Grant Status to Application Approved by Sponsor Phase

GMGRANT (5a) Set Grant Status to Award Phase

GMGRANT (5b) Sent Grant Status to Cancelled

GMGRANT (6) Set Grant Status to Closing

GMGRANT (7) Set Grant Status to Closed

GMGRANT Create Grant - Pass-Through Incoming

GMGRANT Create Grant - Pass-Through Outgoing

GMGRANT Close Grant with Fixed Assets

GMIDCPOST Create and Post Indirect Costs to Grant

GMPROGRAM Create GM Sponsored Program

Grant Master Data Maintenance