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Office of Management & Finance

Bureau of Technology Services

BTS HelpDesk: 503-823-5199

111 SW Columbia St, Suite 400, Portland, OR 97201

P&F Print Instructions

Process & Forms Login Steps
How to Login to Processes & Forms from Your Desktop This is a step-by-step reference sheet on how to login to the Portal and access the Processes & Forms section of the CityLink portal.
Process & Forms:  Which Actions Require a Form?  Which Require PA40?
Actions:  Which Processing Method? This document is a reference which outlines which actions are to be completed in P&F and which are to continue to be processed using PA40 in the SAP desktop GUI.

Initiator Instructions

OM Forms PA Forms
Casual Fill [ OM Initiator ] Employee to Retiree [ PA Initiator ]
Double Fill [ OM Initiator ] Extend Temporary Appointment [ PA Initiator ]
  New Hire [ PA Initiator ]
  Regular Action [ PA Initiator ]
  Rehire [ PA Initiator ]
  Status Change [ PA Initiator ]
  Temporary / Limited Duration Appointment  [ PA Initiator ]

Approver Instructions

OM Review PA Review
Casual & Double Fill Review [ OM Approver ] Actions Review [ Bureau Approver ]
Casual & Double Fill Final Review [ HR & PY Services ] Actions Review [ HR Business Partner ]
  Actions Final Review [ HR & PY Services ]
OM / PA Form Search Tool (How to Find a Form in the Workflow)
OM-PA Using the Process Browser [ Initiators, Approvers, HR & PY Services ]
Substitutes:  Designating a Substitute Approver (aka 'Delegation')
OM-PA Substitute Approvers [ Bureau and BP Approvers ]
 Decision Trees:  How to Choose the Correct Form/Action
Hiring a New Employee
[ New Hire or Rehire Action ]
Actions on Regular, Active Employees
[ Retirement, Employee to WRBE, Extend Temporary Assignment, Status Change, Temp/Limited Duration, Regular Action ]
Actions on Non-Regular, Active Employees
[ Extension of Temp Assignment, Status Change, Temp/Limited Duration, Regular Action ]
Workflow:  Understanding Levels of Approval for Each Form
Form Approval Steps (Job Aid) This document helps the user to know what approval workflow steps a form will follow depending on the action, type of appointment, OM actions, and incentives chosen.
Actions:  Reason Codes 
Reason Codes for Actions (Job Aid) This document identifies what the reason is for a specific action (e.g. "New Hire" or "Temp Appointment") and provides both a definition and important notes / considerations related to the action.