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update: Time/Payroll Re-Implementation roadmap

Below you will find an update on the process of developing the Time/Payroll Re-Implementation roadmap. Much of this is technical in nature, though you will likely recognize most of the terminology. We will explain in greater detail at our meeting on December 4th but, in the meantime, we wanted you to see that progress is being made.

What do we need to create a roadmap to re-engineer SAP Time/Payroll Process?

Remaining Dependencies

- Technical Landscape for Managing Transport

- Business Requirements and Scenarios

- Baseline Retro in Current PRD

Work Completed since project start – November 5, 2012

- Continue work on remaining project dependencies √

- Bureau confirmation of open issues √

- Business requirements for open issues defined √

- Business scenarios for open issues developed √

- EBS staff sharing project details with consultants √

Work in progress…Deliverables (11/19-12/7)

- Consultants review issues, Q&A [WIP]

Consultants are currently reviewing the open issues and business scenarios to determine where knowledge gaps exist. EBS staff is following up with queries to BHR, Labor Relations, and Payroll for clarification. When necessary, BHR, Labor Relations, and Payroll are requesting additional clarification from bureaus.

Develop Roadmap…Deliverables (12/10-12/19)

1. Establish project approach / design

Reviewing the current open issues is leading to a more holistic definition of where the current problems are. This also leads to an understanding of what is working correctly (important, because one of the project objectives is to not break anything that is working correctly!).

2. Establish project timeline

A detailed project timeline, tasks and resources for each phase of the project.

3. Establish Landscape Requirements

Establish the required landscape for the project – Steve Brown will hand over the draft requirements to Rick Schulte before December 20. Establishing the landscape requirements includes answering questions such as, Do we use the existing system landscape and test clients? Do we need new instances or clients dedicated solely to this project for development and testing of the new schema? How often will we need to refresh the clients?

4. Establish testing strategy

Determine whether moving and testing transports (new configuration) is more efficient individually or bundled together. Determine how best to use the EPI-USE tools in the testing process.

5. Establish project resource needs

Project resources (people, skill sets, hardware, bureau workloads, etc.) are – and will continue to be – under constant assessment